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Well-regulated militia, what was the intent? [ by Ferrando Heyward]

It's often good to go back and study the papers & ideas written during the period of an event to get a more well rounded sense of the "why", the reasoning and the arguments made. The Federalist papers, journals and letters written during the time provide some needed insight.

Well-Regulated Militia:

The elephant in the room. Following the tragic event in Uvalde, this is a topic that needs to be discussed since there will be many knee jerk reactions with a need to do something with respect to gun control.

So, is there a constitutional right for INDIVIDUALS to own arms or is it only guaranteed for a "well regulated militia"?

Jim Ludas wrote a piece A "Well-Regulated Militia" for the Pell Center (Aug 08 2019). In it he opines that he found the answer