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10-02-2022 From The Right (11 Point Plan)

Congressional Republicans recently released their 11 Point Plan to Rescue America which includes 128 specific promises. It is without doubt that the America our Forefathers left us is in a Socialistic nosedive. A nosedive where current liberals continue the downward spiral through indoctrination in the education system, a dilution of our values through open borders and uncontrolled immigration, government bailouts and encouraged dependence upon government for individual needs. A nosedive where liberals choose to reinterpret our Constitution by packing the courts with liberal justices.

- Point 1 of the eleven point plan proposes to return the Pledge of Allegiance, the Salute of the flag, True American History and the ability to choose the school that best meets the students’ needs and parents expectations.

- Point 2 will ban any Government Form from ever asking a person to disclose their race, ethnicity or skin color.

- Point 3 calls to end coddling of criminal behavior and will return funding to law-enforcement.

- Point 4 will secure our borders and stop the mass influx of illegal immigrants.

- Point 5 will grow the American economy, starve the Washington economy and stop Socialism.

- Point 6 will end all Federal programs that can and should be run by the individual states and will enact term limits for federal bureaucrats and Congress.

- Point 7 will protect the American form of Republic/Government and secure election integrity.

- Point 8 will protect, defend and promote the American Family at all cost.

- Point 9 will promote that Men are Men and Women are Women and unborn babies are babies and that science only has two genders.