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09-18-2022 From the Right

Currently the US government is roughly $30.5 Trillion in debt. To keep this in some kind of prospective let’s pretend you make $1000 per week. In 18.5 years, you would have made $1 Million dollars. In 18,500 years, you would have made $1 Billion and in 18,500,000 years you would have made 1 trillion dollars and in a short 555 million years, you as an individual would have made enough money to have paid off the current US Government debt. As I write, every American citizen combined owes about $92,000 however roughly 60 percent of American tax payers receive full refunds or credits so that leaves the remaining 40 percent owing about $444,000 each.

Currently our Gross Domestic Product (what America produces) has a value of about $23.5 Trillion making our GDP ratio about 130%, in other words, we are not catching up but getting deeper in the hole. Just the interest on our debt is the 5th largest budget item exceeding Commerce Housing credits, Education, Training, Employment, Social Services, General Government and Veterans Benefits. Can you imagine your personal household being in this situation without the power to tax others? We seriously need to readdress some of our governmental priorities and where our government is spending our money. And by the way, State governments are not much better.

Moving on, November draws near with elections right around the corner. Our current Governor has his hands full trying to slow Biden’s Illegal Immigration into our State and rightly sending those Illegals North to VP Harris’ front yard and Martha’s Vineyard while his opponent Beto roams California and New York holding $2500 per person parties sponsored by Hollywood and New York has-beens. Abbott is trying to protect us while Beto promises to take our guns, end the fossil fuel industry, end the lives of our unborn and indoctrinate the surviving children into the world of the abnormal LGBTQ lifestyle.

Speaking of the LGBTQ lifestyle, most of you are aware of the South-by-South West event (also called SXSW) that annually takes place in Austin. At SXSW each year is a program called SXSW EDU where Drag Queens use the Drag Queen Story Hour to educate educators on the use of Drag as an art form to promote literacy, teach about LGBTQ life and activate children’s imagination. These are their words, not mine! Across the state we have witnessed many public and school libraries holding Drag Queen Story Hours, indoctrinating elementary school aged children using pornographic literature by Drag Queens in full costume. Tickets to SXSW EDU for educators is $495 plus motel, transportation and meals. SXSW EDU is asking local school districts to send and financially sponsor attendees. Last year, Austin ISD spent $4000, Fort Worth ISD spent $9000 while Round Rock ISD spent $12000.

Folks, these are your tax dollars. May I suggest you contact your local ISD about this matter and not forget that there will be many non-partisan ISD board candidates and partisan State Board of Education candidates on the November election. Make sure you know what kind of person you vote for. The September 8 edition of the Texas Tribune headlined a story titled, “How to care for your mental health in an age of climate change and worsening natural disasters”. It seems climate change is to blame for hot and cold weather, wet and dry weather, droughts, snowstorms, earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis, forest fires, melting icebergs, rising and lowering seas, hurricanes, pandemics and now Mental Illness. Some claim the earth to be millions of years old inhabited by man for many thousands of years while semi accurate weather records have only been around a few hundred years and weather forecasting only about a century yet practically every known disaster and health issue known to man is a result of climate change. No doubt we will soon be seeing Climate Change Mental Health Meds advertised on TV. To me, more interesting than the cure will be the side effects and the other contradicting meds. The only thing for sure about climate change is it is all about big money.

Early voting begins in about a month and election day is Tuesday November 8. If you are concerned about debt, the economy, immigration, the education of children and the absurdity of climate change, be sure and vote Republican.

Terry Harper, past State Republican Executive Committee Chairman for Senate District 21

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