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09-25-2022 From the Right Government gone amok

A few short months after 911, Congress, without much consideration of the consequences passed the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act was designed to fight terrorism but has morphed into a political tool by which our government keeps tabs on law-abiding citizens and is now used to threaten or disrupt the lives of anyone who questions those in power. The US Department of Justice has all the powers of surveillance at their disposal. The government has the technology to listen in on our phone calls along with reading our emails and texts. If this isn’t bad enough, the DOJ, FBI, IRS and most other Big Brother agencies seem to have no problem providing half-truths or even total misinformation to Judges to get warrants completely in violation of the US Constitution. Recent examples are un-Constitutional approval for Searches and seizures of elected officials, folks at the wrong place at the wrong time on January 5, friends of officials like Mike Lindell of My Pillow fame.

Now government (FBI) under the guise of Civil Forfeiture uses half-truths to steal assets from citizens with no intent of ever returning those assets. In 2019, the FBI felt that a business known as US Private Vaults in Beverly Hills California might be money laundering drug cartel money. The FBI obtained warrants from a judge while concealing critical data. Data that would have made it clear the FBI intended to keep all the contents of over 1400 safety deposit boxes in excess of $5000. Box owners have now filed suit demanding more than $84 million in cash, precious metals, jewels and other valuables be returned. Assets owned by people who were not suspected of any crimes according to state court paper discovered by the Los Angeles times. The suit against the FBI says the government’s actions violated the search and seizure protections of the Constitution. Yes, I agree that it is difficult to feel sympathy for rich Beverly Hills people but let us put this in prospective. Suppose you have a safe deposit box at any Guadalupe County Bank, and in that box, you had your grandmother’s jewelry, her silver dinning service, your life long comic book collection and a few stocks and bonds uncle Joe left you. The FBI thinks the Bank officers are doctoring the books and seize the contents of yours and other boxes with no intent of returning it, now the shoe is on the other foot and this is just another real example of an out-of-control government violating the very Constitution that was intended to be the protection between a tyrannical government and her citizens.

So where am I going with this? My direction is to show the importance of electing the right people to office. Currently the White House and Congress are controlled by liberals. Liberals holding sham Kangaroo Court hearings against anyone who speaks or thinks differently from the elected leaders. This corruption runs from Washington DC all the way down to city halls and local school boards.

These same government agencies, if unable to live the high life off tax dollars can choose to simply stretch the truth and use the courts to confiscate what is not theirs. Robert Frommer, an attorney with the Institute for Justice said in reference to the Deposit box theft, “The scope of what the FBI did is unprecedented, this is the largest armed robbery in US history and was committed by the FBI.” So the FBI robbed $84 million yet President Bidens policies cost Texas citizens about $850 million to house and educate illegal aliens, an estimated $579 million spent in hospital districts on illegal aliens and about $152 million housing illegals convicted of other crimes in our prison systems. It is estimated the failure to secure our border and enforce US immigration laws will cost American tax payers in excess of $20 Billion each year.

November 8th is growing closer and it is clear our country cannot continue to survive the liberals. We cannot pay off education debts of those that promised to repay their own debts. We cannot take in the worlds law violators, We cannot let a liberal into our Governor’s Mansion. A liberal who hates Texas values, a liberal who hates our natural resources, a liberal who is fine with aborting our unborn children, a liberal who has promised he will take away our 2nd Amendment rights

If you find truth in what I have written, you must quickly register to vote and then you must actually make time to vote on or before November 8.

Terry Harper, past State Republican Executive Committee Chairman for Senate District 21

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