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Today's State of Affairs: From the Right 10 Oct (Seguin Gazette)

USA Today, Oct 6 reports President Biden's popularity has dropped to an all time low of 38%. The issues bringing about Biden's decline are a result of his handling of the Border Catastrophe, the devastating exit from Afghanistan, the total lack of leadership in the Covid fiasco and the worsening Economic decline including shortages of commodities and reversal of policies resulting in shortages and increases in energy cost.

Starting with the Border Catastrophe, Biden has allowed tens of thousands of undocumented aliens to freely walk into our county each month while bringing thousands of unvetted Afganies to fill any voids.

While stopping construction on the border wall, millions of dollars worth of fence panels, fiber optic cable, cameras and surveillance devices sit in storage and we continue to pay the fence contractors $5 million per day per contractual agreements. To add insult to injury, Biden is forcing our military and government employs to take the forced jab while busing untested, unvaccinated aliens to all corners of our country, providing all their care on the taxpayer dollar.

On Afghanistan, we still don't know how many Americans were left to face the Taliban, their torture and death sentences. We don't know where our military assets have ended up and how they may be used in the future against America or our allies.

And Covid, what a huge mess. One group of doctors say take the jab. Another group says don't or that it is not effective. The first group claims the vaccines to be safe while the second group list numerous possible side effects. The first group says the shot is better than natural immunity while the second group say nothing compares to natural immunity. Every one minute commercial on TV has 40 seconds of warning about possible adverse side effects yet these warnings are never mentioned on the Covid Vaccine products. Doesn't this seem odd to anyone besides me? Does anyone ever ask why the pharmaceutical manufactures are given civil liability protection on the vaccines while Legal Eagles beg for members of class action suits to join their ranks and gain a piece of the lawsuit pie?

Let's jump to our forecast economic woes. As our store shelves grow increasingly empty, we watch thousands upon thousands of shipping containers sitting off shore. Containers full of stuff from China and Asia, things that should be manufactured here in America but driven overseas as a result of taxation, regulation and government control. Warnings already abound concerning a shortage of toys and Christmas gifts. A warning was issued this last weekend that even Christmas trees will be in short supply.

On Energy, we have all watched the increasing cost of fuel and energy. Gasoline alone has increased locally more than a dollar since Biden began reversing Trumps regulations, shutting down petroleum pipelines, drilling and production. Months before Biden took office, America declared 'Energy Independence' for the first time in history. Under Biden, we are once again buying oil from the Middle East. The Wall Street Journal reported on Oct 10 that higher energy prices will push up inflation, dampen consumer spending on products and services and ultimately slow the US economy. In this same Journal report, Andres Larsen with the Helsinki Nordeu Bank lowered his economic growth estimates from an annual 3.5% to 1.5%. Larson's remarks indicated an expected annual fuel cost increase of at least 40% possibly sparking a US and Global recession in 2022. J.P Morgan reported that it would not be unreasonable to expect the current $80 per barrel oil price to jump to as much as $190 per barrel in the next few years. Anyone remember the chant from a few years ago, 'Drill Here, Drill Now'? That policy gave us energy independence, Biden and the liberals are taking it away.

To close, I'll share another Oct 10, report from the Washington Examiner on a recent Gallup poll. This poll found that Republicans can best protect the US from foreign threats by 54% to 39% for Dems. The same poll found that Republicans can lead US economic prosperity by 50% to 41%. The final poll question found that Republicans can best handle American problems by 41% to 38% compared to the same question in 2015 where the results were 47% for Dems and 39% for Republicans.

Recently we have heard Congressional Democrats saying “Elections have Consequences”. That statement becomes more visible everyday as we suffer through the consequences of Biden and a Democrat controlled Congress.

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