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State Convention, Sen Cornyn, Guns and voting

Thanks to all the delegates who attended and participated in the process especially those who did the heaviest lifting and worked on committees; within a week votes should be tallied and we will have the list of the eight Legislative Priorities and which of the 270 planks made the final cut. Thankfully, our State Convention ended sans any violent incident.

There were some “fiery” incidents: e.g. the vote for the Vice Chair and the response to Sen Cornyn presence and his speech. I will speak to the latter.

Following the recent shootings in Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, TX, Sen Cornyn was tasked to head up a bipartisan committee to work on gun legislation. Now, I really you need to stick with me and don't get ahead of me on this one – I was surprised to see that the “PROPOSED” legislation did not go as far to the extreme as many, myself included, imagined. Note: this is not an endorsement in any sense to the plan.

Here's what I understand to be in the proposed legislation:

- Incentives for States to create their own red flag laws

- Upload juvenile records so that they could be included in background checks

- Ending the “boyfriend loophole” (current domestic violence restriction does not apply to dating partners)

- Clarify/expand the definition of “federally licensed firearms dealer” to include people who repeatedly sell firearms for a profit