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MAGA? So what did you learn from Trump? (Ferrando Heyward)

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

If you’re favorite politicians are telling you that the biggest problem America is facing today is the war in Ukraine, your response/thought should be - excuse me! Now is it an issue, yes. Is it the most important issue? NO!! Sorry, we can’t complain about inflation and then vote to commit to send $40 billion to another country.

Before reacting emotionally answer a few questions for yourself:

- What happened to America first (note this doesn’t mean only)?

By whom and how is this being paid

- Are we still concerned about the National debt? Crazy spending is a government problem not a Biden only problem.

Fuel prices anyone? My relatives that live abroad try to tell me that fuel prices are high everywhere. Well…I don’t live everywhere I live in the USA. Europe, specifically Germany, was warned that they were too dependent on Russia for energy. Remember they laughed at Pres Trump when he warned them. Instead of taking corrective action, Germany/Europe chose to be “clean energy” cheerleaders. Meanwhile, during this time the USA had become energy independent; we were exporting more oil than we imported. Energy independence is VITAL to National Security.

The next two issues in my humble opinion, go hand in hand. Fentanyl /drug overdose and Border Security. In 2021 US drug overdose deaths surpassed 107,000. Well where is all this Fentanyl coming from nowadays? It’s coming across our southern border. Mexico, has surpassed China as the “dominant source” of fentanyl and synthetic opioids. No need to worry though, our borders are secure (sarcasm).

No border No Country my play on the comedy skit No Flag, No Country

We need to stop following the bouncing ball and allowing the media to dictate our topics of discussion. The next time someone talks about systemic racism don’t argue with them that it doesn’t exist. Ask them what’s the specific issue. Once they’ve identified the specific issue/problem then ask them, who on the nearest governmental level is in charge. Here’s an example education: Do your schools have problems? Are the school board members more conservative or liberal?

Ferrando Heyward Precinct 309 Chairman

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