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RESPECT the GRASSROOTS but be leery of the PUNDITRY ELITES (Ferrando Heyward)

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Such biting words you may think, I say we elect people to be REPRESENTATIVES not leaders that look after their own interest and that of others. Often times we're are amazed when those whom we elect to office often act 180 outside of what we elected them to do. Well the article penned by Jeremy Carl in The American Conservative sheds some light on what the “elite” think of the grassroots folks who are the backbone. Link to the article is attached; I will intersperse some lines throughout this article:

  • First, that in its laudable efforts to reach out to minorities, the GOP will abandon or attack the legitimate interests of its existing, predominantly white, voter base; and, second, that in focusing its efforts on building a working-class coalition, it will alienate the elites that it ultimately needs to win over to govern successfully.

  • To change the GOP’s losing dynamic, the party must reach out to a portion of the hated elites, because without the support of some meaningful portion of those elites, it will be unable to effectively govern the modern American state, no matter how many elections it wins.

  • How can we initiate a counter-revolution against the managerial class?

I could probably stop right here and you would get a good sense of what the folks at the Claremont Institute think. Where to begin? The piece offers so much to consider. First answer this question for yourself: are you a Citizen or a subject that needs to be governed.? Are the elites that he fears may be alienated the likes of Sens Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins to name a few who tend to ignore the desires of their constituents? You know the people who they're suppose to be representing. When he speaks of the losing dynamics, weren't the elites in charge prior to the advent of Pres Trump. My memory tells me that the Never-Trumpers consisted Are we a big tent party or not? Here are a few more gems from the article:

  • “The GOP is really assembling the multiracial working-class coalition that the left has always dreamed of,” said David Shor, a Democratic operative who was a leading Obama advisor

  • Rather, the GOP needs more leaders, of all demographics, who will fight unapologetically for the just interests and civil rights of white voters

It is strange that a Democratic operative can see what “The Right” is doing and how it can be a powerful force. Yet, somehow the “elites” who get people to parade around and parrot the nonsensical phrase, that they “don't see color”, want all of us to fight for the civil rights of “white” voters (- only?). Wait, I thought we didn't see color. Bullocks!! If one was to subscribe to the ideas of the “elites” conservative podcaster Alex Kaschuta assessment would be spot on, “all politics is elite politics. The only thing that changes is the client class and their level of obligation felt to it.”

I pray that we all subscribe to the counter idea that” all politics is local”. I highly encourage everyone to read the full article by Jeremy Carl to be armed and to know that he comes from the same branch of ilk IMHO that gave us the LINCOLN PROJECT. You can thank them for propelling Pres Biden to the White House

Here's my recommend list of never ending action items:

- to stay politically informed,

- hold elected officials accountable and

- don't rest on the laurels of any perceived victory. Evil doesn't rest.

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