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Reagan's Question: Are you better off than you were four years ago?

06-05-202 From the Right

Forty-two years ago, in the only Presidential debate between President Jimmy Carter and Candidate Ronald Reagan, Reagan asked these questions;

- were you better off four years ago than you are today,

- was it easier to buy things four years ago than today,

- was there less unemployment four years ago than today,

- was America more respected internationally four years ago than today and was National Security stronger four years ago than today.

Reagan ended the debate by saying his desire was to “take

government off the backs of people.

Once again, forty-two years later we find ourselves asking the same question. The only difference was at that time, America was four years into the failed Carter administration while today America is only two years into the Biden fiasco.

Carter’s foreign diplomacy left America with hundreds of her citizens being held hostage in Iran. At home, the American economy was in a free fall. Unemployment was high, inflation was higher and interest rates were on the rise. Today, Biden’s leadership left America embarrassed as we suddenly withdrew from Afghanistan leaving Billions of Dollars in American assets in the hands of the Taliban and Afghanistan friendlies in grave danger. We are facing massive shortages in everyday commodities from groceries to car parts and fuel prices. Formula for babies can’t be found due to the bungling

bureaucracy of the Biden administration. Fuel is becoming scarce due to Biden forcing out fossil fuels exploration with over burdensome government regulation all to insure his New Green Agenda.

Considering that we are now only two years into Biden’s universally failed policies, one has to ask,

- How bad can it get and can America survive such massive incompetence?

- Can our schools and medical facilities handle the masses pouring over our border requiring more and more tax-payer dollars to

support, medicate and educate the ever-increasing illegal immigration.

As America considers Reagan’s question, are we better off now than before, the answer is clearly No. A change of control of the House and Senate certainly won’t heal the past injuries but will prevent any increase in the damage done.

The solution to the problems is asking one’s self, do we support the failed agenda of the far left or are we ready to return to an America First policy, a policy where we consider what is best for today, what is best for American industry and the American worker.

- Liberalism does not keep American interest safe. Liberalism does not bolster American prosperity.

- Liberalism does not meet the needs of the country but rather the agenda of a few.

The solutions to our ills are at the ballot box. The consequences of electing liberals is far reaching. As you enter the voting station, remember the price that will be paid for electing tax and spend liberals. I will be spending the entire upcoming week attending the Texas Republican Convention. My next report will be on the events of next week and the results of our convention along with our soon to be updated Legislative Priorities and change of officers.

Are You better off this week than four years ago?

Terry Harper Chairman, State Republican Executive Committee for Senate District 21

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