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A quip often employed by Ben Shapiro is “facts don't care about your feelings”. (Remember that thought as I progress thru this writing.) Whereas, I think better thoughts/ideas are:

  • “Principles Equally Applied” or Apply Principles Equally [across the board]

  • “People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care”. Theodore Roosevelt

If the principle of “just comply” is consistently used in every instance, then we should see the same outcome when someone does not comply. Yet, somehow we don't see that occurring. Somehow we seem to bypass that fact. Houston we have a problem. I previously asked, if we were ready to handle tough conversations. I don't think we are, without running to talking points ,when a scenario does not pan out as we like. I fear that we are becoming tone death and broad brush every situation and don't see when we're doing it. It’s OK to say something is bad/went bad without adding any qualifiers

I've attached a video clip. Please watch it. What I'm asking you to do is Equally Apply the Principles you espouse to the scenario. Now, have the same energy and standard that you hold in other situations. Something is amiss. “What if”, the scenario. If you find yourself coming up with reasons or excuses for the outcome, please examine your heart.

Our messaging really needs to change. In my humble opinion we need to examine “the situation” and not bring in outside issues. The term for that is “whataboutism”. It's the practice of deflecting criticism by pointing to the misdeeds of others.

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