I think one of the craziest things I’ve heard Republicans say is, “I don’t see color; we’re all just Americans”. Now, before you are triggered, hear me out. If you say, you don’t see color: you’re either visually impaired or you fail to recognize God’s wonderful creation. I surmise, what people intend to say is, that they do not discriminate or treat people differently based upon their color. PERFECT! That’s exactly how we should ALL act.

For ages, Republicans have been bludgeoned with accusations of racism. I’m of the opinion that in defense, the canned rebuttal has been to say, I don’t see color. Well, in doing so, you’ve placed yourself in a lose-lose situation. The opposition will say, “you’re so racist (etc.) you don’t even acknowledge peoples’ differences. Instead, our response should be something along the line of, “I see COLOR. Isn’t it beautiful that we welcome people of different colors, ethnicity, race, gender etc. to our party? Look at our Big Tent. People come together who share our CORE values and principles irrespective of these differences. Our Big Tent is based upon shared ideas and principles not identity politics. Whereas, the Left is a collection of disparate identity groups that have come together under one banner without recognizing the individual. For the Left, it’s all about the group and the Party identity.

We cannot and should not attempt to appease or act like the Left in speech; their hypocrisy will not allow it. Remember when (umm) candidate Mitt Romney was lambasted for saying that he had a binder full of qualified female candidates to choose from for his administration. The Democrat argument wasn’t against the diversity they espouse. Instead, the joke was – oh, look he has a binder full of women. (Side note) Perhaps, they had him confused with Epstein.

Bottom line: Let’s stop kowtowing and using language to appease the Left. Proudly proclaim, this is who we are and this is what we believe. We welcome ALL who hold our CORE principles and philosophies irrespective of their external physical traits.

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