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From Toni Anne Dashiell (RNC National Committewoman) Apr 15th

So Much For Transitory! Bidenflation Rages On, Crushing American Families & Businesses

Since Joe Biden took office, inflation has skyrocketed across all sectors of the American economy – robbing all Americans, especially the poor and those on living on fixed incomes, of a significant portion of their spending power. In fact, inflation is now costing the average American family an extra $536 per month compared to when Joe Biden took office – even if inflation stopped entirely, Americans will still pay an extra $6,400 dollars over the next 12 months. Americans literally can’t afford Biden and Democrats’ reckless policies. What you need to know:

  • As prices continue to rise and many store shelves are empty, consumer sentiment has now plummeted to a new “decade-long low.”

  • March’s Consumer Price Index surged by 8.5% compared to last year – exceeding economists’ expectations and reaching a new 40-year high.

  • Core consumer prices – excluding food and energy – rose by 6.5% since last year, the largest increase since August 1982.

  • Real average hourly earnings fell 2.7% in March, with rising prices eating up any wage growth.

  • March’s Producer Price Index, which measures wholesale inflation, spiked a whopping 11.2% from last year – reaching yet another all-time high.

  • This is the 12th consecutive month producer price increases have hit record highs under Joe Biden.

  • Core producer prices – a measure which excludes food and energy – also increased at a record 9.2%.