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From the Right 27 Feb 2022

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Biden's decline in the polls continues it's weekly slide downhill.

This past week, Biden announced his pick for Supreme Court Justice. His choice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, a Black, Female lawyer with no real experience and a record of being anti Pro-life, anti

Second Amendment and anti all that is good and right. With one Democrat Senator out for a while, there is no Democrat majority. There are several moderate Democrats like Manchin who do not walk lockstep with the far left and a few more facing strong conservative opponents in the November General Election. Having said that, I suspect Biden's first choice will be DOA as far as Senate

approval. I have doubts that Biden's second and third choices will only get any farther.

As everyone should know by now, Russian President Putin has moved troops and machinery into the Ukraine. After a half week Putin's overthrow of the Ukrainian government is going poorly, reports indicate he has lost a substantial amount of weapons and machinery along with as many as 1000 soldiers, yet still twenty plus miles outside any major cities.

It is expected that one of the results of Putin's actions and Biden's determination to end fossil fuel energy could bring gasoline prices in Texas to exceed $4.00 in the coming month. In a 02-25 report from; Nearly 40 % of Russian revenue comes from oil and natural gas production and because Biden has strangled fossil fuel production, Russia is benefiting from higher fuel prices. By paying higher energy prices, American business faces a powerful and unnecessary handicap when trying to be globally competitive. Most don't know that when Biden entered office,

America had reached energy independence, not relying on outside fuel sources. Today America imports 21% of it's energy needs from Russia, amounting to more than 20 million barrels of oil


The Heartland Institute, a non-profit American conservative public policy think tank founded in 1984 suggest that Biden's policies will only increase the cost of fuel, transportation and commodities. When asked if America will return to energy independence, Steven Milloy with the Heartland Institute and founder of says “NO, because the Biden Administration is committed to raising

energy prices to advance his Climate Agenda. I have never in my lifetime seen a president who reacts to high prices by raising prices.”

Biden attempted to end drilling by adding higher carbon tax penalties placed on petroleum producers. A recent Federal Court ruling overturned Biden's carbon penalties. Biden's response was to end issuing drill permits on both Federal property and offshore. Biden's insistence of forcing Americans to attempt to survive on green energy at any cost is killing the American economy. Sadly those most effected by Biden's stubbornness are the poor and low income. An additional cost of $20-$50 per tank of fuel, increased cost of agriculture and transportation, additional cost of home heating and cooling becomes an unbearable cost for those on fixed incomes and lower wages.

As I have said before, Elections have Consequences. What we are seeing now and what is to come is the result of electing those that place their personal agenda above the needs of Americans.

I think everyone wants the cleanest air and water possible but destroying the economy and the American way of life based on unproven junk science and personal agenda is not what America wants. When Americans have to choose between fuel, groceries, medication and a roof over their head just to

satisfy the whims of a few officials and bureaucrats who receive their taxpayer funded government paycheck without fail, then we have a problem and it is past time to rethink our elected leaders.

Terry Harper, State Republican Executive Committee Chairman for Senate District 21

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