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From the Right 20 Feb

Each and every week the polls continue to show Biden's popularity and ability to govern on a steady decline. Real Clear Politics, a polling organization averages all the higher rated polls to form a more accurate less biased poll of American opinion. Real Clear Politics has now determined that Biden has fallen below Trumps lowest poll level bordering on 40% approval and 54% disapproval while 6% are clearly asleep and have no idea what might be happening in our country.

By the beginning of Trumps second year his numbers were on a slow steady rise as unemployment levels dropped, the Border was becoming more secure, the North Korean terrorist was at a loss for

words, interest rates were at modern day record lows and America had become energy independent for the first time bringing low and steady energy cost.

As Biden moves well into his second year, his numbers continue to drop. Biden's actions have delivered more than two million illegal immigrants to our country, North Korea and Russia are up to their usual tricks again, China is jumping on the bully wagon, fuel prices are going through the roof as America is once again dependent on OPEC oil and inflation is higher than many Americans have ever seen.

While on the subject of Biden Blunders, his July 4, 2021 declaration of independence from COVID 19 passed and was followed by many but less potent variants. His abandonment of years of hard work and loss of American life in Afghanistan has left the Middle East and Israel more vulnerable than ever to Islamic terrorist.

Biden halted the new construction and abandoned existing construction of American pipelines yet he approved of the Russian gas pipeline making many of our NATO allies dependent on Russian gas. Now Putin is knocking on Ukraine's door threatening the natural resource rich Ukraine countryside. It appears Biden's silence may be payback for the millions of dollars given to Biden's son for undisclosed services and influential connections.

Biden touts his greatest achievement as his Build Back Better plan. Anyone breathing and with one eye open knows not a single thing has been Built, nothing has returned Back to how it was and beyond doubt, nothing is Better.

On the subject of failed liberalism, Democrat leaning parents in San Francisco outed three far left school board members and stated they would have taken down more but only three were up for re-

election. San Francisco parent and 2006 immigrant from Hong Kong, Kit Lam, took part in the revolt to force elected board members to listen to parent/voters.

CBS Dallas reported on 02/15 that 1349 lbs of meth amphetamines worth $18,800,000 was seized at Pharr International Bridge in deep South Texas. With every available member of law enforcement busy changing diapers and processing those that violate our immigration laws, it is only a miracle that this large drug shipment did not make it's way into the American illegal drug market. Doesn't it seem odd that almost everything that crosses the mighty Rio Grande these days has the word illegal attached to it.

Speaking of the Border, the Texas Tribune reported on 02-15-2022 that Texas had secured more than 1700 border fence panels from the Department of Defense Surplus Program. Biden had refused to give the surplus rusting panels to the border states but currents law concerning government surplus provided a path to acquire what taxpayers had already purchased. While the 1700 panels will only build about 1.3 miles of fence, it is still 1.3 miles bought and paid for being put to good use.

An environmental activist from McAllen complained that Biden broke his promise, that the fence could hamper movement of endangered species and somehow cause flooding. Liberals always have their priorities out of order!

How about the Socialist AOC coming to Laredo to support fellow socialist and AOC clone, 28 year old Jessica Cisneros in the Congressional District 28 race against Democrat Henry Cuellar. Bad to worse!

Terry Harper, State Republican Executive Committee Chairman for Senate District

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