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From the Right 05-22-2022

As Biden's approval rating continues to fall, the liberal media including CBS, ABC and CNN continues to praise President Biden with one media source even saying,” By any metric, with the exception of inflation, this country has moved forward under Biden's leadership. I have to ask how higher inflation, higher interest rates, higher fuel cost, higher grocery cost, stagnant employment and a massive illegal immigration disaster could possibly be considered moving forward. Currently, less than 4 people in 10 believe Biden is doing a sufficient job. The really sad part is Biden's Blunders have the greatest effect on those that can afford it the least, those on fixed incomes, single parents, and the less educated. As the stock market continues its recent decline, even those considered more fortunate may see their retirement and investment packages decline. With inflation greater than 8% and the consumer price index at a forty year high, things are gonna get rough, the Democrats have no plan except rescuing the Country with more inflation causing handouts and their Green New Deal which has fuel prices through the roof. Just wait till the South Texas summer is fully here and those electric bills arrive. When the cost of housing, energy and groceries outweigh the income, what will people do?

In a report from the Wall Street Journal dated 05-22 suggesting that efforts to slow inflation by the Fed quite possibly will increase unemployment, a slower growing economy and a recession, all prospects that could make Biden's economy decline even further. Warnings about the prospect of an economic downturn which could come in 2023 will haunt Biden and the Democrats for years to come. Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader recently said, “It is the president and his all-Democratic government who have drained American families pocketbooks and every poll clearly show our citizens understand that sad reality all too well.”

Larry Summers, Treasury Secretary during the Clinton Administration told the Wall Street Journal that he believes a recession in the next few years is more likely than not with the risk being substantial. A Wall Street Journal survey of economist put the probability of recession in the next 12 months at 28% up from 18% in January and 13% 12 months earlier.

This past week Biden’s new press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre made her debut as past secretary Jen Psaki departed. I feel confident Psaki could clearly read the hand writing on the wall and chose to bail from a sinking ship. In a review of Jean-Pierre’s first four performances, Joe Concha writing for The Hill summed up Jean-Pierre as amateur, saying he understood the difficulty of the job considering Biden's poll standings. Concha went on to say that Jean-Pierre was not a victim of bad luck but more like not qualified for the high-pressure job as she read word for word her pre- prepared answers to the medias questions. Peter Doocy of Fox News called out Jean-Pierre concerning a May 16 tweet by President Biden saying he would bring down inflation by making the wealthy corporations pay their fair share of taxes. Doocy asked, ”How does raising taxes on Corporations lower the cost of gas, cars, and food for everyday Americans?” Jean-Pierre responded with a hundred plus word incoherent statement that completely failed to address the question.

Another reporter asked if the Biden Administration was alarmed at the Dow Jones six straight day loss of more than 1100 points. Jean-Pierre responded that they were not alarmed but keeping an eye on it. More than 150 million Americans own stock and even more are invested in stock through their 401Ks but Bidens folks are not concerned. Every American should be very concerned at the current economic situation in our country. Regardless of whether you’re holding down two jobs or living on a retirement plan. Your vote has consequences. Do you want to stay on the downhill slide or see America return to the prosperity of the past Trump administration. The choice is yours and the path we take hinges on your priorities. American Prosperity is my choice and why I vote Republican.

Terry Harper, Chairman for the State Republican Executive Committee Senate District 21

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