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Updated: Oct 24, 2019

I’m feeling compelled to address the ongoing attacks on the POTUS by the Impeachment Obsession of the Democrats.

The fact is, the Democrats are scared, actually they are more than scared, they are terrified that Trump will not only win again in 2020 but that the Republicans will regain a strong majority in the House and gain additional seats in the Senate.

The Democrats do not have a single outstanding strong candidate. Some of their candidates lean towards Socialism, some have been proven to be out right liars, some are long time career politicians, all favor higher taxes and bigger government. They really have nothing to offer America other than a few far fringe liberals.

Since the Democrats have nothing to offer, they counter with wave after wave of unsubstantiated attacks. The Democrats said Trump didn’t win the popular vote denying the long standing Electoral College. The Democrats attacked Trumps SCOTUS nominations with false accusations that many of their own claimed never happened. The Democrats even stooped to such a low that they hired a foreign spy to supply a fictitious claim of collusion with Russians and passed that lie to corrupt Federal agents who lied to a Federal Judge in order to spy and listen in on Trumps staff. At the same time the Russians gave nearly a half billion dollars to the Clinton Foundation supposedly for Hillary Clintons aid in the sale of American uranium to the Russians. Now they have a whistle blower with only second hand information supposedly received from leakers inside the White House. The whistle blower has already admitted 24 times that he has no physical evidence and admitted 18 times that all he knew was hearsay. Democrats seem to have forgotten that second hand testimony is not admissible in any American Court.

One of the Democrats leading candidates is Joe Biden. There is no hidden fact that Biden aided his unskilled, unqualified son in acquiring a position to gain millions of dollars in a natural gas scheme with known Ukranian crooks. When Biden's son was facing prosecution from an Ukranian prosecutor, Biden threatened to withhold all American aid to Ukraine unless the prosecutor was fired and charges dropped. The Ukranians caved to Biden’s threats.

When Trump contacted the Ukranian President to confirm the actual events involving Bidden and his son, the Democrats went berserk.

Isn’t it odd that Democrats can break diplomatic rules and regulations, can lie to the courts to facilitate spying on their opponents, not to mention destroying tens of thousands of subpoenaed emails?

The Democrats are scared. They are afraid Trump will win again and regain all of Congress, exposing all the Democrat corruption and possibly prosecuting the corrupt.

At this point, rather than expound on any more of the lies and corruption of the Democrats, I’ll share some of the great thing that Trump has given America.

Since Trump took office, Economic growth has grown every single quarter exceeding all projections. For the first time ever on record, job openings exceed job seekers with more than 4 million new jobs created. Female unemployment is at the lowest level in 65 years, Youth unemployment is at the lowest level in 50 years, Veteran unemployment is at the lowest level in more than 20 years. Unemployment for Americans without a high school diploma is at an all time record low. Unemployment of disabled Americans is at a record low. 85% of Blue Collar workers believe their lives are headed in the right direction. Pay checks rose in Trumps first year by 3.3%, Hispanic pay rose 3.7% in that same period and home ownership by Hispanics is at an all time high. Poverty rates for both Hispanics and Blacks are at the lowest level in American History.

95% of manufacturers are optimistic about the future, Consumer confidence is at an 18 year high. Trump signed into law the largest tax cuts in American History while over 4 million Americans have dropped from the welfare roles. Trumps tax cuts reduced American taxes by $5.5 trillion with 60% of those cuts going to families. Trump brought an end to the Obamacare mandated penalties.

Trump has appointed hundreds of Justices to the higher court filling long standing vacancies and return common sense Constitutional rulings.

Trump is working to level the tariff playing field, working to stop the theft of patent and intellectual properties and bringing industry back to American shores along with many foreign investors.

Trumps record makes it easy to see why the Democrats are scared and why they will stoop to the lowest levels to find dirt that doesn’t exist. Look around, look at your finances and look at America, once again America is Great and respected by most of the World.

The Right Elephant is on the prowl

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Excellent Read of Truth!! To bad the Ukranian Corruption will not be investigated. If you can, watch "Bad Decisions: Joe Biden" on Newsmax for more information. The app is free for Newsmax.

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