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Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing

There are some words & phrases used that should give us pause, regardless of the source of the words. Expressions such as

  • reward friends of our just regime and punish our enemies

  • common good must prevail when it conflict with individual autonomy

It begs the question of what foundational principles do you think are important for this great experiment called America to survive? For me the 3 core foundational principles are:

  • Individual

  • Republic

  • Constitution

Attacking/or undermining any of these principles is the beginning of the end. I don't care what political label you wear.

INDIVIDUAL Individuals, even close intimate individuals don't always agree - so who's right and who's the enemy? Is it that whoever is in charge that gets to decide. There's no long term viability for a system under those rules. I recall many were furious when Maxine Waters uttered these words:

- “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” she added. Waters urged attendees to keep “push[ing] back” against members of the Trump administration with whom they disagreed

Make no mistake, I'm not against a battle of ideas. I see that as our mission. I loathe the fact that Conservative/Republicans are more apt to concede territory and tell voters to leave “blue” areas; areas that the “establishment” have deemed as unwinnable. Tell me how that is a long term winning strategy

REPUBLIC The beauty of a Republic, more specifically our Republic is that Supreme Power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and as exercised by “representatives” chosen by them. Extending our understanding further, we live in a Constitutional and Federal Republic with three branches and a Confederation of States. So as long as an action of the federal government is authorized by the Constitution, that action supersedes any state or local law with which it might conflict. However, federal activity MUST also follow from the Constitution or it too would be illegal. We find ourselves back again at that “pesky” idea of the individual. Additionally, in our confederation of states, no State can rule supreme over another state. Once again that pesky collection of individuals in a location raises it's ugly head.

CONSTITUTION Finally we come to that Constitution, the supreme law of the land. It defines government's power and structures and protects the basic rights of all Americans. “Rule of law”- the idea of consistent and evenly applied set of rules, rather than an arbitrary will of those in power.

The binding nature of law means everyone—not just citizens, but the government, its leaders and officials—must follow and obey the law. Indeed, lawmakers, judges, and officers of federal and state governments must take a specific oath to faithfully follow the U.S. Constitution.

My issue and catalyst for this piece are the cringe worthy words in the first two bullets at the start of this piece. These are words from someone, Josh Hammer, who is supposedly a “stalwart” of Republicanism. I guess I'm just a Conservative or one of those original “Radical Republicans” in the fashion of Frederick Douglas, who values the Individual and the Precepts enshrined in the Principles of the Constitution. Whereas, I'm very quizzical at best about Edmund Burke's philosophy in its totality; he championed a different concept of liberty. I mention Burke because Josh Hammer is a Research Fellow at the Burke Foundation. I read him to be in the same veine of Burke - who was sympathetic to the colonies, yet a firm defender of the monarchy; Josh Hammer is an advocate of “common good original-ism” over individual autonomy.

No thanks! I see what happens when the left also redefines words.

Ferrando Heyward

Precinct Chair

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