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What? Why do you ask you may say. Well, because they're not the same thing. It's not understanding this difference that causes us to lose some of the battles on this topic.

It's true and correct to say, save for cases of rape, the person's actions led to their pregnancy. In the same vein, it's that individual who has to take action whether or not to take that pregnancy to full term and live with that decision. So what tools are we offering to aid in that decision? It's easy to demonize someone and say tough cookies, now you live with the consequence of that prior decision. If this fits you, newsflash, you're really just anti-abortion. Despite what you may have convinced yourself, you truly don't care about the life of that baby or mother.

So what does it look like to be Pro-life? It means that you recognize that there are needs that must be met to encourage that mother to take the child to full term and that they're follow on real world needs. Am I now advocating a welfare state? By all means NO! For some mothers to be, it's the initial cost of items, the lack of emotional support and parenting mentorship that's needed. There are many organizations that help mothers families with meeting the initial costs as well as counseling. They have baby boutiques and provide training and counseling. Here's a snippet from once such organization, Heartbeat International: - From seeing the flutter of the heartbeat on her first ultrasound, to teaching parenting classes or coordinating an adoption plan, and providing material aid throughout the pregnancy and beyond, we offer compassionate support so that no woman ever feels that abortion is her only option. So again I ask you, are you Pro-Life or Anti-Abortion? There's a local organization, South Texas Pregnancy Care Center, in Seguin that is having a March 4 Life Rally on Sat, May 01 (1348 E Kingsbury St). Will you be there to walk in solidarity with them? Will you raise funds or open up your own wallet to support them? Words are simple and easy to say. Although spoken of in the context of religious prophets, in Matt 7:20 we read that we will recognize them by their fruit. So if you say you're Pro-Life in the religious context, you have in essence made yourself a “prophet”. Prophet – proclaimer of the will of God. Now let's follow through with action, fruit of our words/proclamations.

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South Texas Pregnancy Care Center, in Seguin accepts one time donations of baby clothes, diapers, bottles etc. They also accept automatic monthly donations.

Save A Life

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I am absolutely Pro-life. I feel like the resources that are available are not being used appropriately. A lot of pregnant woman are not even aware of all of the help that's available. The healthcare system and doctors should be mandated to provide ALL information including the abindance of help they qualify for to show them that they have support and that abortion is not their only option.

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I totally agree. Planned Parenthood has unfortunately done a better job at promoting abortion by intentionally misspeaking the truth.

If this is one of your passions, please reach out to me at a Republican Meeting in Seguin.

Meetings can be found here or on our facebook page.

God Bless, Rebecca

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