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Are you more concerned with the message or the messenger?

Thomas Sowell and Jay-Z may both deliver the same message; one will deliver it in straight up economic terms and language. Whereas, the other will deliver it in music and lyrical rhymes. Has the message changed or is it only the messenger. Much too often, people focus on the messenger instead of the message. People examine things with their particular bias. So, the question I ask is, how can you reach others who do not share your preferences, if they have to conform to your ways for dialogue and acknowledgement?

Here is another outstanding example about messenger bias that I heard from someone at CPAC using the TV show the Fresh Prince of Bellaire. Both Carlton and Will were conservative characters with different personas and styles of dress. Each of them could reach a certain target audience faster than the other based upon how they were perceived. Would you blow off Will because he was too “street” for you or would you blow off Carlton because he “acted too white”.

Consider this a post-election autopsy. Let me be blunt – Republican outreach programs need an overhaul. You cannot continually insult a group and then say come join my team. I know many on the Right were enamored with Candace Owens. So, here are a few questions for you to answer:

1) How was she received by the “target” audience?

2) Was she speaking to the target audience or the existing base?

3) Did she deliver?

4) Where are the Brexit numbers?

Reality check: President Trump was doing well with the Black Male audience and then along came Candace Owens and others who were seen as grifters. Diamond and Silk were seen a modern day minstrel show. Talk to minorities as you would anyone else – principles are principles. The economy is the economy and 2nd amendment is the 2nd amendment regardless of race or ethnicity. Here are some gun figures:

1) Gun sales spiked in the first half of 2020, driven by a large increase in sales to black men and women

2) The largest increase in gun sales by demographic came among blacks, with purchases up 58%

With this knowledge, do you think it would be difficult to have a simple conversation about gun rights? Stop focusing on the bouncing ball and surface level conversations. If at the mention of guns and the minority community, your mind jumps to “Chicago” or “Baltimore” do not engage in a conversation, you are not ready to have a substantive conversation. Minority communities are also concerned about protecting their families and homes. Additionally, economics are economics. Other communities want government out of their way as well, so that their businesses can flourish. Other shallow talking points that we need to get out of our vocabulary are: “free stuff” – see economic discussion; “plantation” - refer back to Candace Owens; fatherless homes – it was a problem created by the policy of democrats and the latest data does not support it; the marriage arrangements do not fit the historical norm.

Let’s move forward focused on the message. Focusing on the messengers and style of delivery – was the problem many people and the MSM had with Pres Trump. Let’s not be like them in the regard of missing the message for the messenger.

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This is so true about all of us. We tend to look at the messenger first, (1st Impression), then maybe the message. We all care about our families and want the best for them. We want to protect them!!

God created us all equal but different. Open your eyes, ears and hearts. See the difference, hear the common concerns and welcome all.

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