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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Fellow citizens, there is matter that we’ve delayed bringing to your attention until now. Do note - this issue was addressed at the close of the Republican Party State convention and we were patiently waiting for the necessary actions to be taken within a reasonable time. However, now time is our enemy, so it is necessary to inform the impacted counties and voters now. Sadly, our Republican candidate for State Board of Education Seat 5, SBOE5, Mark Loewe passed away. Bottom line: currently we do not have a Republican candidate on the ballot for SBOE5. This is not said lightly – the incumbent Democrat currently in the seat is a poor choice for Guadalupe County and does not fit our values.

We, Guadalupe County Republican Party, did not sit idly on our hands. Before we left Houston, we identified and had a conversation with the person we see as the ideal candidate, a current SCUCISD Trustee – Robert M Westbrook. Here is a link to his SCUCISD page: Robert Westbrook is fully on board and wants to do it in the interest of the children. He has the necessary experience: a current Local School Board Trustee; experience on the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Board of Directors, as well as experience on the TASB Lone Star Investment Board.

If you have ever attended any Election Campaign Training, they will tell you is to start the campaign plan strategy working backwards: with the timeline starting from when “Vote by Mail” ballots are sent out, day zero, to present day. So, here’s the timeline that we’re looking at:

- TX sends out mail ballots 45 days before election (Sep 25th is 45-day mark, day “0”).

- 13 Jul marks day (“-75”)

- For reference, the first day of Early voting is Oct 24th

This will be an “All Hands-on Deck” once the candidate, ideally Robert Westbrook, is selected following the necessary County Organizational meetings. Once all Precinct Chairs and voting members are identified with the RPT, the process of selecting the candidate will begin. SBOE5represents the following counties: (UPDATED)Blanco, Caldwell, Guadalupe, Hays, Bastrop and Travis counties.

The one good outcome of the school COVID shutdown is that it exposed many people to what has been going on in the school system in different places. In Guadalupe County, we have been fortunate not have those issues. Let’s ensure that we have the strong candidate to take back control of SBOE-5

“If not you, then who? If not now, then when?” MI Gov George Romney Sep 1963 modern attribution

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