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07-31-2022 From the Right

At the June State Convention of the Republican Party of Texas, the 31-member Legislative Priorities Committee spent the entire week narrowing propositions down to a manageable fifteen priorities. On Saturday the 5000+ delegates debated and voted to further narrow the priorities to a group of eight.

Topping the list of priorities was “Protect Our Elections”, asking for a restoration of felony penalties for Election Code violations enforceable by any Texas jurisdiction, including the Texas Attorney General. Restrict mail in ballots to only disabled, military and out of state citizens.

The number two priority was the “Banning Democrat Committee Chairmanships” in the Legislature, ensuring that all Republican priorities are given a fair opportunity to become law, the Republican controlled Texas legislature shall adopt a rule prohibiting the practice of awarding committee chairmanships to Democrats.

Priority number Three calls for the “Abolition of Abortion” in Texas from the moment of conception by adopting effective tools to ensure enforcement when district attorneys fail to do so.

Priority Four calls to end the “Sexualization of Texas Kids”, repealing Texas Penal Code 43.24c allowing children access to harmful, explicit or pornographic material. In addition, prohibiting teaching, exposure or discussion of sexual matters including feelings, orientation or gender identity.

Priority Five calls for a ban of “Child Gender Modification” to include chemical castration, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, genital mutilation, body altering surgery, or psychological/social transitioning.