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07-24-2022 From the Right (Speeding in the wrong direction)

Last week I commented on the announcement by the Texas Comptroller concerning the huge and somewhat unexpected budget surplus. In reporting, I made a huge error in saying the reported surplus was announced as $26+ Million. My report should has said $26+ Billion. Today, I would like to ask what is the difference, $26 million or $26 billion, not much in my opinion as I am sure the majority of the Texas Legislature members are currently preparing their wish list and will do all possible to spend every last dime. I sincerely hope they prove me wrong. Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar announced this fiscal year’s collections as the all-time one-year record.

Tim Hardin, President of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility said the thought of giving state politicians that much money should scare citizens and I certainly agree. Hardin also said, “Unfortunately, the most likely outcome for much of this projected surplus is that it will be spread around like that of a slush fund, enriching bureaucrats and agencies with money they plan on wasting at the expense of taxpayers.” Like me, Hardin agrees that the money should be given back to Texans via the elimination of property taxes. Texans face the sixth highest property tax bills in the nation and those bills have increased by 181% in less than 20 years. Texas does not have a revenue problem; it has a legislative spending problem. In defense of Lt Governor Patrick, he did say, “I believe first and foremost, any surplus should go back to the taxpayers of Texas”, however Patrick’s current proposal only allots $4 billion in property tax relief. Again, I strongly suggest calling your State Senate and House members, letting them know you want a refund in the form of property tax relief.

In an interesting report from The Hill today, a new poll by the University of Chicago says that 2/3s of Republicans and 51% of Democrats agree that Government is corrupt. Finally, a majority of Republicans and Democrats agree on something. In that same poll, 28% of all voters and 37% of gun owners agreed “it may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against the government”. The poll results come after the Jan 6 House Committee’s one-sided hearings.

Once again there is bipartisan support for a Stock Trading Ban on members of Congress. Nancy and Paul Pelosi’s recent Wall Street windfall has renewed the need for a ban. The new bill called the Trading in Congress Act would prohibit Congress members from personal stock trading. Americans should not have to worry about trading against their congressman who may have inside information. One known fact is that Year after year, politicians somehow manage to outperform the market, buying and selling millions of shares of stock from companies that they regulate. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi claims “We are a free-market economy and we (congress) should be able to participate.”

In a recent op-ed by Gary Franks, a three term Congressman from Connecticut and the first Black Republican elected to the House in nearly sixty years said, “The Democrats solution to going in the wrong direction is to go faster in the Wrong Direction.” After only a few short years, the current President has taken the US from prosperity and energy independence to a slower economy, soaring fuel prices, grocery shortages and a general economic decline. Instead of changing directions, the Democrats want to see the downhill snowball pick up speed by making California Democrat Gavin Newsom their poster boy for the POTUS in 2024. This is the same California nut-job that has killed water and agriculture in his state, set the record for keeping public schools closed during COVID while privately educating his own children, has set the education agenda to indoctrination and gender confusion, has shot down businesses, crushed families with unbearable taxation, restricted Constitutional rights, leads the nation in the homeless population and is giving non-citizens voting rights. Instead of throttling back and changing course, the Democrats choose to speed up, continuing the wrong directing down the highway to social and economic collapse.

November is right around the corner, lets send a strong message to the Democrats, find your compass and get back on course to a healthy, strong and prosperous America

Terry Harper, Past Republican Party of Texas Committeeman for Senate District 21

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