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06-26-2022 From the Right: SCOTUS Week

This past week’s largest news maker was clearly the Supreme Court of the United States commonly known as the SCOTUS and often called the country’s highest court and the law of the land.

The three large decisions last week have clearly dominated all news sources making changes to the near 50-year-old Row vs Wade ruling, the century old New York States requirement of Need to Carry when applying for a gun license and School Choice ruling that says Faith Based Schools must receive the same state funding as non-parochial private schools.

Row vs Wade became the law of the land in 1973, wrongly taking the issue from States Rights and giving authority to the Federal Government. Nowhere in the Constitution or it’s amendments is Abortion discussed, however the 10th amendment clearly states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The only interpretation possible is that the 1973 ruling was not in order and has now been returned to the States where it rightfully belongs. Before 1973, 26 states including Texas had laws against abortion. Texas as most never removed those laws and once again, abortion in Texas is a crime. Regardless of what the liberal talking heads would lead the sheep to believe, abortion is still legal in some states. A bus or plane ticket along with the doctors’ fees will still buy the legal murder of an unborn child some place in the US.

Along with overturning Federal Abortion laws, the high court ruled that the “right to self-defense” does not require an individual to provide a legitimate reason during the licensing application. Simply the desire to have the ability to defend is a Right granted in the Second Amendment, “ the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. Many suggest that even requiring a permit is an infringement. In Texas, permit less carry passed the 86 th legislature with the language that one can carry without a permit as long as there is no other law that prevents an individual from doing so. In other words, a convicted felon may not possess a firearm therefore a convicted felon cannot legally carry with or without a permit.

The final major action last week concerned the ever-growing School Choice issue. The high court ruled that public funding provided to private schools must include those that are faith based. Once again correcting a wrong interpretation of the 1st amendment, often call by mistake “the separation of church and state”, words that do not exist. The actual wording says, Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. What this means is that the government cannot establish a required church such as Baptist, Catholic, Mormon or any other. Americans are free to choose any religion or none at all, anywhere, any time.

School Choice has been a legislative priority of the Republican Party for several years. The Parties belief is that the school tax money should follow the child be the school public, private or home. Parents know what is right for their children and anything less infringes on parental rights. Anything less adversely effects low-income families who are stuck sending their children often to a low performing neighborhood public school with no means or opportunity to educate their children, giving those children at least the opportunity in life to be all they can be.

It appears that the high court will rule next week on private prayer in public schools. Prayer for many is very private and personal and should never be allocated to a certain time, location or requirement. Once again, the abolition of prayer in schools is a result of misinterpretation of the 1 st amendment as previously quoted. Prayer is often Spur of the Moment, when an urgent need exists. Might I suggest that a school shooting be a time of urgent prayer or simply praying for the needs of others or prayers of thanksgiving.

As a conservative, I say thank you SCOTUS, well done. If the recent rulings follow your personal beliefs and values and you have voted Democrat in the past, now is time to reconsider voting with the party that shares your values. If you have had enough, today is your day. Vote Republican !!!

Terry Harper, past State Republican Committee Chairman for Texas Senate District 21

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