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05-29-2022 From the Right

This past week another morally lost teen entered a gun free zone and took the lives of a number of children and adults. Almost as quickly, the political elite rushed to the cameras and microphones to remove the rights of law-abiding citizens. Somehow, “the Right to Keep and Bear Arms” has become the blame for every evil and illegal act reported on the news. The liberal progressive left believe more laws and less liberty the only solution to control America’s cultural collapse.

Gun bans prohibit the average citizen’s ability to defend life and limb and have not saved human life. History shows that government control of guns has brought about the deaths of millions. Government gun confiscation in North Korea has aided in the government murder of more than a million in Kim Jong-un’s collective paradise. Pol Pot left another 1.5 million dead in Cambodi’s killing fields. Seventeen million Jews, Slavs, Poles and Romani suffered similar fate not from their neighbors but by their deranged governments. The Utopian nations of Stalin and Mao were littered with as many as 70 million dead citizens.

Guns are not the problem but rather perceived victimization, reduced morality and the decline in the value of life. The mass murder of children in the womb certainly reduces the value of children in the classroom.

The immoral left scream that “assault weapons” have no place in Americans hands yet these same weapons that have been accused of terrorizing our nation have been accessible for decades. The AR-15 SP1 Sporter Rifle has been on the market since 1964. In the late 1950s, I remember advertisements in Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines selling WWII surplus semi-auto M-1 30 carbine rifles long before background checks and shipped directly through the mail. The semi-auto Colt M1911 has been in production for well over 100 years, the Browning High Power was first marketed in 1935 and the Baretta Model 92 since 1976 to name but a few. Those firearms are no more deadly today than t