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10-02-2022 From The Right (11 Point Plan)

Congressional Republicans recently released their 11 Point Plan to Rescue America which includes 128 specific promises. It is without doubt that the America our Forefathers left us is in a Socialistic

09-25-2022 From the Right Government gone amok

A few short months after 911, Congress, without much consideration of the consequences passed the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act was designed to fight terrorism but has morphed into a political tool by

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Terry Harper
Terry Harper
16 de mai. de 2021

As the 87th nears it's end, it has become very clear that most of our elected Republicans do not work for their constituents however I am sure we will hear reports from them about what a great conservative session it was and how hard they worked for us. Can't speak for everyone else but I ain't buying it !!!

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