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From the Right (Terry Harper)

It seems that each and every week American morale continues to decline. A recent University of Virginia July 22- Aug 4 poll determined that 87% of Biden voters believe that whites have advantage over people of color while 84% of Trump voters say discrimination against whites is ramping up. I don't see how we can be much more divided than that. I believe most of this is a result of Democrat propaganda through the media and our education system to cause strife and descension among our citizens while indoctrinating our youth. Where this takes us will surely be reflected in the midterm and 2024 elections.

Across the country, we are witnessing the results of the teaching of Critical Race Theory, the threat of a FBI task force making arrest of parents who dare question elected school board members and their policies while many school districts are canceling memberships in the National School Board Association after its letter to Biden to have his FBI form the task force. The NSBA sent a letter to Biden claiming threats to school boards over Covid mask mandates and CRT teaching. The Pennsylvania School Board Association said it is having trouble identifying a reason to continue to be a part of the NSBA when the association is not focused on bipartisanship, civility and seeking solutions to internal problems. PSBA also said Federal intervention is not the place to begin nor a model for promoting civility. School Boards should never forget who they work for and who elected them to office. A letter to the FBI from a group of members of the US Civil Rights Commission expressed their concerns that the NSBA provided no examples of harassment, intimidation or threats of violence that would provide basis for law enforcement. The letter went on to say that the accusations can merely be “classified as political speech”. Don't think that for a second that liberals will not use all methods to promote their agenda while restricting free speech.

In the upcoming Virginia Gubernatorial race Challenger Republican Youngkin has slammed Democrat McAuliffe for vetoing legislation that would have allowed parents to remove children from courses teaching sexually explicit material. On many occasions, Democrat McAuliffe has publicly said, “I don't think parents should tell schools what they can teach.” Youngkin now uses the banner “Parents Matter.” Parents should always have the say in what their children are taught.

On the topic of illegal immigration, Biden Executive Office of Immigration Review will establish 10 cities with legal service providers and judges expecting to clear cases in 300 days however there are currently1.4 million cases and growing with a current 1,172 day backlog. It will be interesting to watch the attempt to pull a rabbit out of his hat. We all know it won't happen. I have no doubt the plan is to legalize these people before a new President and Congress are sworn in, throwing the brakes on illegal immigration.

Quickly, I want to bring up Covid again. It appears Merck Pharmaceuticals has developed a pill called Molnupiravir they claim would be taken for 5 days and drastically reduce hospitalizations. The FDA will consider approval in November. Here is the catch, each treatment will sell for $712, yet cost pocket change to produce and will sell in India for an expected $12. The US government has committed to obtain 1.2 billion treatments. Do I need to do the math for anyone? If you don't have a calculator in hand, this is a $864 billion profit for Merck. Ask your Congressman if he cares more about the health of Americans or more about pharmaceutical profits. By the way, this drug was developed at Emory University using government grants (taxpayer dollars). Researchers originally pegged treatment cost at $17.74. I wonder how much of that $864 Billion will find it way to Candidate campaign funds. Follow the money folks.

Lastly, one of my appointed tasks as a Republican Party Official is to promote and help elect Republican Candidates. I am working on bringing all the Republican Candidates for Governor to Seguin before the March 2022 primary. You can hear them speak and you can ask questions. My first guest will be past Texas Senator Don Huffines. He will speak at the Silver Center on Monday October 25 at 10 am. I have past Texas Republican Party Chairman Lt Col Ret Allen West in January, date to be determined. I am working on possible scheduling with Governor Abbott and Chad Prather, well known political commentator and comedian. This is a free event with limited seating and will be a first come first serve event. My hope is that visiting with these candidates will help you make an informed decision on choosing the next Texas Governor. Hope to see each of you there.

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