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Where to begin? I want you to be extremely pissed off and upset and use that energy to drive you to take action. All of us should remember and be outraged at the cringe worthy responses that our Border Czar, VP Harris, gave on June 8th to Lester Holt during his one-on-one interview regarding why she hasn't visited the southern border. For those who don't recall here's a recap of:

Harris: “We've been to the border. So this whole thing about the border, we've been to the border”

Interviewer pressed her: but YOU haven't been to the border

Harris: “And I haven’t been to Europe. And I mean, I don’t understand the point that you’re making. I’m not discounting the importance of the border.” {insert her signature nervous laugh when pressed on an issue she doesn't have good answer}

So after the border czar finally relented and visited the southern border, did she go to visit one of the problem border areas like the Rio Grand Valley (RGV)? Why of course not! Instead, she toured the facilities in a secure and coincidentally very “Blue” area, the El Paso border facilities for a whopping few hours. Oh how nice – a visit 800 miles from the epicenter of the crisis.

Sadly, yet not surprisingly, she could have driven a tad bit further northeast and visited FT Bliss, where migrant children are still spending prolonged time in temporary government facilities that even ACLU lawyers say are inadequate for kids. Her claim for going to Guatemala and Mexico is that she wants to and we need to address the root causes of migration. Did you Madame Border Czar, need to travel some 1500 miles to understand the root cause of migration? Perhaps you should not have been named the Border Czar if you don't understand some of the fundamental issues. This visit is nothing more than a glorified photo op.

Equally as clueless about the impact of their immigration policy is Pres Biden. Before her trip to the border Pres Biden said Harris has "done a great job so far." Does the administration think that the American people are that dumb & gullible and that paying lip service to this issue will pacify the nation or resolve this self-inflicted crisis. By CBP's own numbers border detentions climbed to a 21 year monthly high of more 178,000 in April. Not to be outdone, in May the number grew, CBP encountered more than 180,000 migrants at the southern border. Anyone who has a modicum of honesty, will attribute the border surge to Biden and the administration's policies. Yet the Border Czar dared to fix her mouth to say: “I also believe that if you want to fix a problem, you have to go to where the problem exists. If you want to address the needs of a people, you must meet those people. You must spend time with those people,”

In all actuality, they already have the answer: the root cause of the problem is the White House. Contrary to the garbage they spew, they did not inherit a problem. Instead they created one in spades and they don't know how to extradite themselves out of it without reversing the disastrous decision they made. Instead they say that it's complex and the average person just doesn't understand the complexities. MALARCHY!!

Here's a shameful similarity. Our 87th Legislature tried to tell us this session that things in Austin are so complex and we don't truly understand “how the sausage is made” Au Contraire,

  • We fully understand that your Constitutional mandate is to pass a budget.

  • We understand that most of you are driven by appeasing lobbyists and special interest groups

  • We understand that you controlled the Governorship, Lt Governorship (read: priority for bills in the Senate), the Senate Leadership and House Leadership

  • We understand that most of you run and campaign as STAUNCH CONSERVATIVES

  • We understand that our 8 LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES got paid token lip service

  • We understand that some watered down versions of priority related bills were passed

  • We understand that you use you committee assignments and calendars to kill bills

  • We understand that you will use the Democrats as the reason for not getting Election Integrity bill passed

  • We understand that you passed a bill against CRT being taught in schools. HOWEVER, YOU FAILED ON SCHOOL CHOICE

  • We understand that you will walk around bragging about what a great and productive session YOU had and SADLY I couldn't agree less. Yes, this was productive for you but not the citizenry that votes for you our REPUBLICAN elected officials who are supposed to be REPRESENTATIVES of the CONSTITUIENTS.


I highly encourage all of our elected officials that before you send out a mailer asking for money, support, our votes in the future that you conduct an honest self reflection. The 11th Commandment is only applicable for people who are on the same team not only in name but in deed (Read Voting Record)

Token gestures does not only apply to Democrats BUT to ALL elected officials, it does not matter whether they have an R or D beside their name.


The Special Session offers you a chance to redeem yourselves. This piece may originate from an author in one county, however, believe me this sentiment runs in ALL 257 counties. A common expression is: the devil you know. Perhaps, we know our devil and no longer like them and we will be looking for a new one come primary season. Should a Democrat win at least we expect them to screw us over.


a Frustrated Grassroots worker

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Great Story!! We Need Action from "We The People" to hold elected officials accountable. Join the Republican Party to help!!

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