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Thoughts from a millennial

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Picking up the pen today to get some thoughts out to everyone.

The problem I have and why I am getting more into the political sphere is that people try to reimagine America to something that it’s not.

If you’re sincerely unhappy here and think this country is terrible and the establishments are built against you, leave. Don’t try to tell me that we should be more like another country, you can go to that other country if you’d like.

This is the best place to be and to abuse your country. A lot of other countries would NOT take kindly to that. People RUN here to seek a better life and then we have self entitled pansies telling us that our country is terrible and stacked against them when they’ve done nothing to help themselves, have put nothing into the economy, and are unwilling to operate in society as expected by true American standards.

The same establishments that tell you that you’re oppressed are operated by the people telling you that. It makes zero sense for a government to tell you the government is oppressive without a hidden agenda where we are ALL the victim. The system hates all people: you, me, everyone.

We are not without fault as there are bad people everywhere in the entire world, but the country as a whole was founded on the American promise of bigger, better, and more freedom than you could ever imagine. A REAL life.