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Words have meanings, not using them as they're defined creates confusion. Here are some definitions for “representative” to guide us:

a person or thing that represents another or others

an agent or deputy.

Although, we use this term primarily for those in congress, it reflects what every elected official, at all levels are suppose to do. Let me emphasize, Senators are representatives too, they just have a big area (number of people) that they represent so I give them leeway in being more centrist given that about 47% of Texans identify as Democrats.

Applying the term Representative to our State Legislators implies that their votes should reflect the wishes of the constituents, NOT their own PERSONAL opinion. Sadly, according to the SREC Legislative Committee Report only one of our eight priorities got passed in a bill that carried the INTENT (that was voted upon at our State Convention). Recall, the issues/priorities that were voted upon at the State Convention emanated from the PRECINCT level.

Important points to emphasize, in Texas, voters don't register by PARTY they only register to vote. HOWEVER, voters do decide which party Primary election they will vote in thus identifying with that Party. Whereas, for the elected officials, when they submit their application, they register under which Party they wish to REPRESENT. So, how and why is it that the two things didn't marry up in the 87th Legislative Session? The Priorities voted for by the people are not what the Representatives passed.

Gov Abbott has released his list of his intent for the Special Session. Our “Representatives”, have a chance to actually cast votes that actually reflect the will and intent of constituents. We are now faced with two choices:

We can contact our elected officials and let our intent be known or

We can do nothing and hold our breathe and just hope for the best, trusting that the votes of the legislator won't just reflect their own opinion.

Some people think it's devise to keep the constituents informed about how their “representative” voted. I kindly refer them to my opening sentence, it's their confusion and misunderstanding of the term “representative”.

We can choose to put our heads in the proverbial sand and continue to wallow in ignorance. If we choose not to hold Representatives accountable then as Thomas Jefferson said: “The government you elect is the government you deserve.”


Ferrando Heyward

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If you don't contact your Representative's including Senator's, how do you expect them to know what's on your mind? Just electing them doesn't always mean they know how you would vote.

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