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Lady Liberty is Crying

Another week has passed and American voters continue to lose confidence in Biden and the liberal agenda.

Last week's elections made one point very clear; parents believe themselves to be the authority of their children's education. Contrary to Hillary Clinton and the liberal left, It Does Not Take a Village. Across the country Conservatives were elected from the school board to the State House.

USA Today's Susan Page reported 11-07-21 on the USA Today/Suffolk University poll taken November 3-5 of 1000 voters finding Biden's approval rating has now dropped to 38%. Independents by 7-1 say he has done worse than they expected. This is the same group that put him over the edge in the 2020 election. In that same poll, 64% say they don't want Biden to run again while 58% said the same about Trump. Also in this poll Kamala Harris saw her rating drop to 28%. While those polled said if the midterm elections were today they would select a Republican Congressional candidate over the Democrat by a 46-38 % count, giving the Democrats a 29% approval and Republicans a 35% approval.

On Sunday the 7th, Fox News reports that Biden is considering shutting down another pipeline called the Line 5. The pipeline would bring crude oil and other petroleum products from western Canada to Michigan transporting 540,000 barrels a day. Fox News reported this as Biden removing himself one more step from reality believing that American industry can be powered by wind and solar. Shutting the Line 5 down could present a dire picture this winter for those being unable to secure natural gas or the electricity it creates. Americans will remember cold winters and empty or over priced fuel tanks. Congressional Republicans sent a letter to Biden on Nov 4 warning of continued escalating fuel prices as current prices have now surged 50% or more.

Charles Passy with Market Watch asked a question in his 11-6-21 report, “Should you pay a meat tax”? Some environmentalist say it is necessary to save the planet suggesting that cattle contribute to 14.5% of the green house gasses mostly in the form of methane gas. At Biden's COP26 Climate Change conference in Glasgow, some United Nations members suggest this tax may be needed to curtail beef production. Once again, the liberals solution to any perceived problem is to tax the problem out of existence. My question is in whose pocket does this tax land in?

Many of you have seen the reports that the Democrats are offering to give illegal immigrants as much as $450,000 for each child separated from their parents when they entered the US illegally. In a recent news conference Biden was asked,” could this serve as an incentive for additional undocumented people to try and enter the US?” Biden's response was that the $450,000 was garbage; however, his administration did admit that payment negotiations are in progress. Those negotiations are secret so we may never know. Why would we want to compensate criminals for being separated from their children?

In a Washington Examiner report from Nov. 5 , US Representative Greg Steube reminded readers that in 1996 Congress prohibited illegal immigrants from receiving taxpayer funded welfare benefits, the bill was signed by Clinton in 1996. The Biden administration and Democrats in Congress have now begun to use the IRS and tax code to circumvent this policy under the guise of “a child tax credit”. This program allows for cash payments to so called taxpayers who don't file or pay taxes including illegal immigrants. It is estimated by the Joint Committee on Taxation, this benefit will cost real taxpayers $80 Billion in 2021 alone.

On 11-7-2021 The Hill reported that the US Supreme Court agreed on Oct 29 to rule on Biden's decision to rescind Trump's regulation barring immigration to anyone who might end up on the public assistance rolls. Biden's administration suggested Trump's rules were unfair to illegals and were not in keeping with our Nation's values. It has long been considered that our country never wanted immigrants who are likely to need financial assistance. Previous regulations required immigrants to be self-sufficient, not dependent on public resources but rather to rely on their own capabilities as well as resources of family members, sponsors and private organizations.

Lastly, A Friday the 5th poll by Emerson College shows Trump beating Biden in a hypothetical rematch. While neither Biden or Trump was backed by the majority of voters, 45% supported Trump, 43% supported Biden, 11% picked someone else and 1% was undecided. In August, Trump was asked by Newsmax about another presidential run. He replied by saying that “a lot of people are going to be very happy.” His spokesperson reported that Trump cares deeply about our country and is keeping his options open.

Terry Harper

State Republican Committeeman

Senate District 21

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