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Keeping receipts thru the mid-term less we forget (Ferrando Heyward)

“I'm from the government and I'm here to help” These words should instill fear and trepidation in all of us since the government has a history of creating issues or not solving issues while telling us that they have the solution. Most often their “solutions” exacerbate the problem/issue.

Given the Pres Biden's mid Feb request to Congress for more COVID related funding two things popped to mind:

1. Even Democratic senators: Whitehouse (R.I.) and Markey (Mass) are pressing the NIH on the “slow pace” of long COVID research and have prioritized observational studies over investigation of possible treatments and therapeutics. GAO estimates between 7.7 and 23 million Americans have long COVID-19. It's a shame Congress didn't provide enough funds, said tongue in cheek, only !.15 billion was provided in Dec 2020. A looming unanswered question is how much of that money remains

2. Pres Biden's Trail of COVID Lies. Here's a recap of a few:

“I will shut down the virus” Oct 29,2020

Only to say a year later that there's no federal solution

“This winter, you'll be able to test for free in the comfort of your home and have some peace of mind” Dec 2, 2021

(In Jan the White House’s promised testing website was not up, Over a year after promised)

“ I don't think [vaccine mandates] should be mandatory Dec 4, 2030

Whelp we all know how that led to worker shortages

“I'm not going to shut down the economy. I'm not going to shut down the country” Oct 29, 2020

Biden administration sought to continue indefinitely the expanded unemployment benefits and government handouts implemented during the worst of the shutdowns, a direct disincentive for people to return to work

“ I promise you this: A Biden Administration will listen to scientist and heed their advice – not silence them” May 21, 2020

I guess teachers' unions are scientist: Biden CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admitted to changing guidance to ensure teachers unions have “what they need” to move forward

“I would insist China allow our scientists in to make a hard determination of how it started, where it’s from, how far along it is.” – February 26, 2020

“I have not had a conversation with President Xi.”

“I’m going to ask the public for 100 days to mask. Just 100 days to mask. Not forever” – December 3, 2020

We all know how that went down. In fact he's currently fighting to get mask mandates back on planes

Deception and dishonesty have reigned supreme under the Biden administration. These are not limited to just to COVID. As we all have heard, all the supply problems and high fuel prices that we currently face are because of either Putin, greedy corporations, systemic racism, climate change the number one issue facing humanity...... or pick anything else at random that has nothing to do with his administration and its policies.

Texas we have our Battle Cry – Remember the Alamo I say let's add one more Remember the Robbery of 2020

Ferrando Heyward

Precinct 309 Chair

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