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Historic Opportunity, will Republicans squander it.

Yes Guadalupe county is Red (for now). How do we grow the base collectively? I challenge everyone to read really read this article (below) - put your feelings & preconceived notions aside for a minute. Often the mistake is made in wanting to “own the Libs”, people will say cutesy things that are really pedestrian. If we offer no choice eg being in communities fighting bad policies why do we expect others to get aboard. Policy policy policy. Why people were laughing at Stacy Abrams in GA, she was registering voters. People are giddy that many Dems in Congress aren’t seeking re-election. Do we think Republicans are going to fall out of the sky and win those seats? No, the likes of AOC will most likely since she been out raising money and campaigning for them. Let’s stop ceding ground. Don’t tell/encourage people to leave their areas instead encourage and support them in their fight. Local governments take & dole out Federal money received Do you think they’re going to give the money to conservative causes/organizations? Not only NO but H*%L no. We don’t have to go far to figure this out, this occurs in all Big Cities. Have you helped candidates in San Antonio for example. Long post but I was moved to write it as we approach Primary season. Think ling term! 2022 may not be the year. However, we can prepare the conditions for future races. This isn’t McDonalds fast food; this is about preserving our REPUBLIC

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