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From the Right: Sporting Events?

It has been a long time since I have attended a sporting event beyond the high school level. Having said that, I do attend a lot of meetings and events all across the State of Texas the majority of which are connected to conservative politics. At every political event, we begin with an invocation (a payer to our God) followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag and often the singing of the National Anthem and we don't stop there. We follow with the pledge of allegiance to the Texas Flag and again the singing of Texas Our Texas. Those that can stand do so and those that can no longer stand remain seated yet every last person either salutes the Flag or has his or her hand over their heart. Never once have I seen a Republican take a knee or raise a clinched fist. Should that ever happen I strongly suspect the offending individual would be taken to the door by force if necessary.

Your darn right we believe in freedom of speech or expression with some exception. At our events we expect Patriotism and Pride for our great land, a land not perfect but always striving to achieve Liberty and Freedom for all. If you don't like our event and our actions, you are always FREE to leave. As Americans we all have the freedom to not take part or assemble with those we don't agree with.

This takes me back to my opening statement about Sporting Events, and the huge decline in event viewer participation both in person and through media sources. The most current example is the opening of the Tokyo Olympics where viewer participation is down by 36%. The 2012 Olympics had 46.7 million viewers while the 2016 Olympics had 26.5 million viewer and the current Olympic opening had only 16.7 million viewers, the lowest level of viewers in 33 years. That goes back to 1988 and at the current rate of decline, the Olympics may be near their end. Much of the liberal media is trying to blame the decline on the Covid Virus and the change in viewers habits due to Covid. Last I checked, Covid was not around in 1988, in fact it wasn't around even in 2016.

So why is sporting event attendance declining? In my opinion, it is all tied to Patriotism and American Pride. Americans are disgusted when they see some spoiled athlete who has the abili