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From the Right Mar 20 2022

This week I'm going to throw out some bits and pieces.

In the early 1930's Hitler was coming into power. Americans having suffered WWI and the Great Depression were reluctant to again go to war. By the time America stepped up, WWII was well on its way to being a full blown war. Today, we watch as Putin declares war in Europe and again Americans having not recovered from the Middle East wars are reluctant for fear of starting another World War. The question many minds ask, Do we step in now and possibly help start WWIII or do we wait until WWIII is well under way? Only time will answer this question. Is China waiting and watching?

It was reported this past week that the US Government paid serious money to the National News

sources to promote their Covid Virus and Covid Vaccine agenda. Big takers of the bucks were

MSNBC, PBS, NBC, CNN and even the Conservative friendly Fox News. One would think that PBS

would be the most News Correct reporters surviving on tax-payer dollars but truth is they are clearly the propaganda arm of liberal politics.

This past week, Disney World apologized for the performance of the Port Naches-Grove Indianettes

dance team due to a single complaint about their use of the tomahawk chop. Seems this dance team has performed at Disney World for years but finally the offended few have prevailed. While on the Disney topic, it also appears they are taking a stand opposing Florida's new “Don't Say Gay Bill”. The bill doesn't go against the gay lifestyle but goes against it's promotion in the public schools. Kids should be learning math, English, science, civics and life skills, not being indoctrinated with the liberal view.

This past week, a report from the New York Times on the 18th of March stated that Hunter Biden and the contents of his laptop are indeed being investigated by a Washington Grand Jury concerning Hunter and his President father's engagement in corrupt activities involving Ukrainian and Chinese corporations. Representative Claudia Tenny (R-NY) and Sen Ted Cruz (R-Tx) said, Congress must reign in big tech news censors and that big tech censors should have to answer to Congress and the American People.

The infamous and highly liberal Austin American Statesman reported that Attorney General Ken

Paxton drew the outrage of LGBTQ organizations on Thursday when Paxton identified Admiral Rachel Levine, a transgender woman as a man. Fact is, Levine was born a male and no matter what pronoun used or name change made, Admiral Levine is a man (maybe not much of one), and I find it fearful that such a confused individual could possible hold the title Admiral or serve as an assistant health secretary in the Biden Administration. The root of this story goes back to Paxton's ruling that modifying a minor child's gender through actual or chemical castration constitutes child abuse. I could not agree more as does the Republican Party of Texas, so much so that ending minor gender modification was a legislative priority in the last session of the legislature. In a recent radio interview, I brought up the Gender Modification legislation. The radio host asked me to explain what gender modification was. After I explained in graphic detail, the host exclaimed, “this could not be real, what kind of a parent in their right mind would do that to their child”? It is real folks, and some parents are making permanent life changing procedures for their minor children, procedures that cannot be reversed. Those kids will never have the choice of naturally having children.

Also reported this past week in Rolling Stone Magazine, After a year of thwarted Democrat plans and with little time before the 2022 midterm elections, Democrat lawmakers are throwing a Hail Mary to get their priorities into the end zone. Since the legislature is stagnant and Biden's agenda has been stymied, the Democrats are hoping to enact their agenda through executive actions. In other words, the legislature has failed so the Democrats will ask King Biden for an executive order circumventing the US Constitutions requirement that only the legislature makes laws. American Kings can't legislate!

Terry Harper State Republican Executive Committee Chairman for Senate District 21

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