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From the Right: Jim Crow

For anyone not having been in a recent coma, you should be well aware that the Texas Legislature Democrats broke quorum and snuck out of the State because they don't want fair elections. They want elections to be Nationalized even though the Constitution explicitly gives election law to the states.

The Democrats have only one response, a racist, fear mongering response. A response that the majority of Americans know nothing about; a response that few, still living experienced. A response that sounds scary because the liberal talking heads on CNN, NPR and most left leaning networks use as a fear tactic.

A pair of words Democrats loves to use, JIM CROW.

Today I'm going to tell you the truth about Jim Crow and it's racist history the Democrats don't want you to know. The truth is we don't know who Jim Crow was but it is suspected he was a character in a Black Minstrel song and dance show called Jump Jim Crow. Jim Crow laws started somewhere around 1865, shortly after the ratification of the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery.

We know Jim Crow laws were designed at the State and local level to segregate Blacks from education, to limit or restrict the Black voter, to confine the Black citizen to certain areas and to shift Black prisoners to be once again indentured servants.

One of the Crow laws was a Poll Tax. A tax that had to be paid to vote. It was not a big tax except for the poor, both Black and White. However, Whites had an exemption if their families had been citizens before the 13th Amendment. Since Blacks did not become citizens until after the 13th, they did not qualify for the exemption. Another Crow law was a literary test, since most Blacks had little to no education and were unable to read, they could not pass the test and were prohibited from voting. The next road block for Black voters was the “White Primary” which only allowed Whites the vote because the Democrat primary was limited to party.

We know that the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments were passed as part of 1865-1877 Reconstruction by the Republican controlled Congress which freed the Black man, gave him Equal Protection and Due Process, prohibited discrimination based on race and skin color.

Jim Crow began as soon as the Federal Government returned control to the individual states, moved troops out of the South and Southern life returned to the new normal. State legislatures once again were controlled by the Southern Democrats. Yes I said “Control Returned to the Democrats”. The Democrats used the Southern State Legislatures to enact the Jim Crow Laws. The Democrats also used paramilitary groups such as the White League, the Red Shirts and the well known KKK. The Democrats placed previous Confederate soldiers as sheriffs and constables to enforce the Jim Crow laws.

Due to poll taxes, literacy test, White primaries, proof of residency and record keeping tricks, the Democrats managed to reduce the Black vote in Louisiana from 5320 in 1900 to 730 in 1910, as was the norm throughout the South. As part of Jim Crow, those that did not vote, could not be on a jury or run for local office.

In the mid 1940's Democrat President Truman aggressively pursued integration and fairness, this created a temporary split in the Democrats party creating the States Rights Democrat Party.

Jim Crow began to fall apart in 1954 following the Supreme Court landmark decision in Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka followed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. During the battle for the Civil Rights Act of 1957, Democrat Senator Strom Thurmond tried to block the act with the longest filibuster in History, 24 hours and 18 minutes. In 1968, Democrat Alabama Governor George Wallace ran for President proclaiming “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.

So when you hear “Jim Crow”, and you are too young to remember any of it, do remember that the Jim Crow laws were all enacted by Democrats to keep Blacks from voting, from getting an education and from prospering; don't forget that the KKK was a tool of the Democrats. Remember that Republicans freed the slaves and during reconstruction, the Texas Republican Party established in 1854 was 90% Blacks, 44 of which were in the Texas Legislature.

The Democrats own Jim Crow and don't ever let them tell you differently.

Republicans want Election Integrity, Republicans want to make it is easy to vote but harder to cheat, Republicans believe that one eligible voter gets one vote.

BTW, I'm old enough that I remember “Whites Only” signs at the water fountains and the laundromats during the 1960's, in little towns named Bastrop, Smithville, Lockhardt, Giddings and Seguin. I did not understand the hate then and I don't understand it more than 50 years later. Don't let Democrats revise your History.

Terry Harper

State Republican Executive Committee member for Senate District 21

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If more blacks understood this they would switch parties. I remember my mother telling me not to put American Indian (now Native American) as my race because I could pass for white/white. Recently I have been called racist by people that don't know me, Mmm.

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