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From the Right [Biden (Buyer's) Remorse] April 10, 2022

A recent article from the Western Journal asked the question, are you experiencing Biden remorse?

The report went on to say, we vote for one guy because we don't like the one in office only to find out the one we voted for is a lot worse. Millions of Americans are feeling that remorse as Biden's approval numbers are now nearing a record low of 40%.

- Are you feeling the pain at the pump as fuel prices soar, will your electric bills soon follow?

- How about your grocery bills.

- How's the crime in your area? Are your local emergency rooms packed with illegal immigrants?

- Is your local law enforcement being forced to dedicate a majority of their time and staff to the immigrant invasion, will you be forced to defend your family or will you become victims?

- Are serious drugs and the ever more deadly fentanyl a danger to your kids and neighborhood kids?

- Are the criminals that were caught being returned to the streets because of low or no bonds?

- Does it bother you that our newest Supreme Court Justice has a long record of low bond and weak sentences while

going extra easy on pornographers?

As our jails are emptied, our local hospital emergency rooms are filled and our schools have less staff forcing them to take away time from your children in order to meet the needs of the hordes of non-English speaking immigrant children, what is the solution? Will property taxes continue to rise to pay for the additional services brought on by the immigrant masses, will you be taxed out of your home and off of your property?

Besides all these problems, we now have the once family friendly Disney protesting that children in kindergarten through third grade should be indoctrinated about all thing LGBTQXYZ by their school teachers. Lt. Governor Patrick says he has had enough, there will be no more Disney for his family and he will try to rid the State of Texas of any investments in Disney by the State Pension Fund which currently holds $93 million in Disney.

Disney has become the Anti-family Kingdom. Leaked internal videos of Disney Executives discussing schemes to indoctrinate children with the LGBTQ ideology have been discovered. Disney is a massive international company with a vision and mission to indoctrinate children around the world. If we won't fight for our children, what will we fight for?

Lt. Governor Patrick says that until they change their corporate policy, Americans and especially Texans should stop spending money with Disney. Cancel vacations to their parks or their cruises, sell your Disney stock and share with your friends what the evil Disney is trying to do to our kids.

I'll start winding down with some thoughts about our largest property tax bill. School tax, it's a killer for families and especially those on fixed incomes. Though the cost of public education continues to increase, public school enrollment is on the decline statewide, student scores and success rates are in decline. The public School System is also leading the charge in student LGBTQ indoctrination with the blessings of the elected school boards and their hired superintendents. Did you know there are more than 70 school districts in Texas that pay their superintendents more than $300,000 per year plus benefits including pensions, insurance, transportation and housing.

Many school boards who are responsible for hiring superintendents say they must pay these exorbitant packages in order to compete in attracting the best people. Does anyone remember what we pay the President and Congress? Are they really getting the best people or simply feeding the pricing frenzy.

Doesn't it make us feel warm and fuzzy paying our tax bills as we struggle with paying those taxes, higher cost of fuel, groceries, utilities, medical care and life in general while our education dollars

make certain individuals near annual millionaires.

Let's not continue to have election remorse. Elect leaders who care about Americans first, about living within our means, about doing what is good and right and economically feasible. Vote Republican!!!

Terry Harper, State Republican Executive Committee Chairman for Senate District 21

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