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From the Right: 26 Dec

From the Right: 26 Dec

The upcoming of the new year is always a good time to reflect on the past year and I'll use this opportunity to give thought to having Democrats in the White House, control of Congress by the Democrats and current events in cities that have been controlled by Democrats for years.

This past year, we have seen the President fail to secure our borders as called for in our Constitution. He put mask-less unvaccinated, untested illegals on planes and buses and shipped them across the country in the dark of night. Hidden in the over-run of our borders we have seen huge increases in drugs entering our country including the powerful and deadly Fentanyl that is produced in China, shipped to Mexico, repackaged and smuggled into our country. To make matters worse, the entrance of known terrorist from restricted countries has now become a very concerning fact, not knowing how many are here or what their intent might be.

We watched as the Presidents first acts in office shut down petroleum pipelines that would bring millions of barrels of oil to American refineries while he restricted off shore and public land drilling. Shortly after that he approved a petroleum pipeline from Russia to our Eastern European allies never giving a thought as to the possible problems this could cause. After shutting down our oil industry in the name of so called Global Warming, he asked the OPEC nations to increase production. Does his actions make sense to anyone?

Our President continues to drive American industry, it's jobs and products to foreign shores with increased bureaucratic regulation and taxation. As our shelves empty, we watch as container ships sit offshore in an unloading backlog brought about by EPA trucking regulations and Labor Union extortion.

We continue to see lawlessness increase as the liberals defund law enforcement, as the liberal judges and prosecutors fail to put away repeat offenders or at least set bond high enough to keep them off the streets. We watch as store windows are broken and gangs of looters freely steal all they can carry off. In areas like Philadelphia Pennsylvania we have witnessed armed carjackings more than double in two years, an area where even US Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlow has fallen victim as was the case last week.

So what is the effect of liberal politics over the past 12 months? More than likely, you source and amount of income has remained the same yet your cost of fuel and commodities has increased. Inflation is at it's highest rate in more than 40 years. New vehicles, parts and repairs have increased both in cost and time to acquire. Home heating and cooling will increase. The cost of government doing business will increase our taxes. If you own a business or store front, your cost of insurance will be rising to cover losses such as theft and vandalism. Business cost increases always get passed to the consumer. The end result is the cost of liberal politics is the devaluation of the consumer and taxpayers dollar. If your money isn't buying what it used to buy and isn't stretching as far as it did, then remember this at election time. Know your candidates and vote for the ones that keep your values in mind.

Speaking of values, does your city council, commissioners court or school district share your values. They should. You elected them and your tax dollars pay for their actions.

Last week, a teacher in the Leander ISD stood before a board meeting and referred to parents as evangelical kooks, and brainless bigots because the parents spoke out on the teaching of Critical Race Theory and their demands that pornography be removed from school libraries. School Board members are elected by citizens, board members pick the Superintendent who hire and fires teachers, all of which are paid with tax dollars. You have a right to complain if your ISD does not uphold your wishes and you have

the power to hire or fire board members at the ballot box.

Happy New Year, hang on, it may be a rough ride. Remember, elected officials work for you.

Terry Harper, State Republican Executive Committee Member, Senate District 21

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