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From the Right - 23 Jan: So why are you affiliated with Party X

As the elected member of the State Republican Executive Committee representing the 18 counties of Senate District 21, I get to meet with and talk to a lot of people. My position often takes me far outside Senate District 21, working with and interacting with folks in many of the 254 Texas counties.

I love what I do, I love people and I really enjoy talking to people, people of all walks of life, occupations, religions, educations, ethnic backgrounds and political beliefs, aspirations and expectations.

I often begin conversations by asking questions about their current or hoped for jobs, about their families, about their religious beliefs, about their values and their political leanings and what they

expect of their elected representatives.

At some point, I direct my questions as to their political affiliation even though by this time I understand their beliefs and values and have made assumptions as to how I think they would politically lean.

Often I find an individual who goes to work every day and has no expectation of government support or handouts, an individual who loves his family and strives to provide for their needs, always wanting the best for their loved ones. A person who believes that God is the Creator and the Judge of mankind. A person of high integrity, law abiding, tax paying and a lover of State and Country.

When I ask the big question, “which party do you affiliate with”, I'm often surprised when some say Democrat. I know their beliefs, values and work ethics are contrary to those of the Democrat Party. The puzzled looks and self questioning begins when I ask, “if you have such strong values that are in line with Republican values, why do you assume you are a Democrat”? Most of the time, I can quote their response before they speak. As the words “Because my grandparents and my parents were Democrats” come out of their mouths, I can see they are already contemplating the foolishness of their response.

As our conversation continues, we talk about over-reaching government mandates, failed border security, the collapse of our vibrant economy and the ever rising cost of day to day living, we talk about our understanding of the Constitution and the rights it affords us. We talk about the failed foreign and domestic policies of our liberal President and Congress where our once strong America is bullied by foreign thugs and where our local liberal Mayors and District Attorneys fail to prosecute and imprison those that would steal from our families, taking valuables, property and often the good health and lives of our loved ones. We talk about our school systems that waste our tax dollars while offering a low quality third world education to our kids. We talk about a party that has no problem with boys in girls sports or worse yet, boys in our daughters dressing rooms. We talk about how the party of our grandparents and parents has changed and abandoned us and our values. We talk about the other Party which is about a strong America, a strong economy, secure borders, individual freedom and the best possible education available for the massive tax dollars spent.

We usually end talking about how our values most resemble those of the Republican Party and how a strong America will be the result of electing Conservative Republican leaders. We shake hands and go our way as friends and as Americans, like minded in the values we want for our families, ourselves and our Country.

This is why the Democrats are afraid, this is why even the Democrats are expecting huge loses in the upcoming elections, this is why some elected conservative Democrats are changing parties and this is why the party of our parents and grandparents is no longer the party of hard working, freedom loving Americans.

This is why we should all be voting Republican !!!

Terry Harper, State Republican Executive Committee, Senate District 21 Chairman

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