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From the Right: Continuing Look at Biden's disasters 17 Apr 2022

We may be witnessing a critical turning point in Latino Politics in the United States, in a recent CNN report Justin Gest reports that though Latinos are economically and culturally diverse, politically they have been reliably Democrat, at least up until 2020. In counties across Texas and parts of the US where Latino populations are very high, Hillary Clinton won in 2016 by nearly 30 percentage points yet Trump won in 2020 by as much as 10 points. Many people in South Texas do not consider themselves as Hispanics but rather Tejanos, having been Texas citizens for more than eight generations. Many no longer speak the traditional Spanish and struggle to relate to the experiences of more recent Latinos from Central and South America. Along the border counties, 94% of residents consider their ethnicity as Hispanic/Latino yet 98% mark their race as White on recent US Census forms.

The Latino/Democrat voter numbers have fallen from 63% in 2000 to near 44% in 2020. The Latino movement towards Republican is real as Latinos evade extremely unpopular Democrat policies. In

order to continue this trend, Republicans must continue to be the party of economic prosperity and the American Dream so many Latinos have come to America to achieve. In a recent National Republican Congressional Committee survey, more than 70% of Latinos were very concerned about inflation, food and fuel cost while 74% agreed that parents should have a say in what their children are taught in school. A recent Wall Street Journal poll found Nationwide Latinos equally split between parties with men trending more Republican while women trending slightly more Democrat.

In an April 14 Quinnipac poll, Biden's approval rating by Latinos has fallen from 34% on April 6 to a current 26%. In the same poll, only 12% of Latinos strongly approve of Biden while 41% strongly disapprove and another 13% somewhat disapprove. These recent polls not only include border Latinos but also includes Puerto Ricans and Cubans across the country.

Another reason Biden's numbers continue to drop is due to the difference of values among conservatives and liberals. Just a few days ago, CNN reported that Biden has behind the scenes

forgiven more than $17 Billion in student loan debt and his actions have flown below the radar. Most of those who have benefited from this giveaway are public sector employs meaning they work for government. Democrats Warren and Sanders have proposed canceling student debt for those making up to $125,000 per year and are being backed by the two biggest teachers unions and the NAACP. When federal loans are forgiven, who picks up the debt? Any sane person knows money does not grow on trees.

A piece of legislation in the works is called the Future Agriculture Retention and Management Bill also known as the farm bill. Currently all alternative energy is taxpayer subsidized. It takes 8 acres of land to produce a megawatt of electricity from the sun and 106 acres to do the same with wind. Solar panels currently only reach about 16% of their potential while wind turbines reach 27% potential. As an example, Wisconsin currently uses 7,014 megawatts of electricity every hour of every day. To meet this need, Wisconsin would need 250,700 acres of solar power or 2.6 million acres of wind power. The average Wisconsin farm is 222 acres. 1,579 farms would need to be sacrificed to meet the needs of Wisconsin. The FARM Act would end subsidies for alternative energy while

protecting farm land. The Democrats notion that we can power our country on alternative energy has proven to be false. It has caused drastic increases in petroleum products and food; both government caused shortages that make once energy independent America slaves to the oil producers like Russia, the Middle East, Argentina and others.

Money giveaways, debt reduction for loans, high energy and food cost are the result of bad government. Bad government is a result of poorly informed voters. Vote with your bank account.

Terry Harper, State Republican Executive Committee Chairman for Senate District 21

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