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From the Right 13 Mar 2022

Rather than admit the damage his green policy is wreaking on the American economy, President Biden reaches out to Venezuelan Dictator Nicholas Maduro, terrorist Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and the whole of the OPEC nations to solve our energy crisis.

One disaster after another, fully loaded ships sitting in the Pacific, Nationwide shortages, literally millions of invaders crossing our Southern borders, inflation at half century old record levels and the worst is yet to come.

This past week, Biden boasted that his admin has awarded over 9000 oil leases yet many of these leases are unproven, there is no infrastructure to access these sites, no pipelines to transport crude and drilling permits slowed due to anti-energy bureaucrats appointed by Biden. Though oil prices have reached $120 per barrel levels, navigating the Biden imposed roadblocks consumes as much as $95 per barrel.

There is no doubt that America is an energy dependent nation. High energy use goes with high prosperity. We are blessed with great industry, world class technology, world leaders in agri-production, universities in every major town, relatively clean industry compared to China, India, Mexico and the rest of the world.

Everyone knows that the wind blows in Texas, but sometimes it doesn't. Everyone knows there is lots of bright sunshine in Texas except when it is cloudy or dark. Everyone knows that fossil fuel burns, rain or shine, hot or cold, night or day.

No matter the commodity, be it fuel or water or food or construction materials, when those materials become scarce regardless of reason, the price goes up.

America's economy circles around energy. When fuel goes up so does shipping. When fuel goes up so does food, When fuel goes up so does water and electricity. A huge vicious circle, like a whirlwind or a dog chasing its tail.

The good news is even liberals need transportation and food and medical care. At some point the effect of the cost of living will exceed their Green Priorities.

Now to change gears.

This past week a number of global businesses called on Governor Abbott to abandon the States' so-called anti-LGBTQ initiatives. As reported, those companies include Apple, Capital One, Google, IKEA, Johnson and Johnson, LinkedIn, Macy's, Microsoft, PayPal and Yahoo to name a few who signed an open letter in a Dallas Morning News advertisement. The complaint from the mega businesses stated,” This policy creates fear for employees and their families, especially those who might be faced with choosing to provide the best possible medical care for their children but risk having those children removed by child protective services for doing so. It is only one of several efforts discriminating against transgender youth.” In February, Texas AG Ken Paxton declared gender-affirming surgical procedures and treatments in children, including drugs that effect puberty, be considered ”Child Abuse.”

It is the opinion of the Republican Party of Texas, the Governor, the Attorney General and many citizens that castrating a minor child surgically or medically is indeed child abuse. Castration is a life changing procedure and will prevent that child from ever bearing children.

Removing a young girl's breast is no different. These physically altering procedures are both physically and mentally damaging and irreparable. Nothing about these laws are discriminatory, they are about altering a minor child's life because of clear mental health issues in the parents. What kind of a sensible, right thinking parent would do this to a child. It would be like giving a child drugs because the parent believes the child is inclined to be a drug addict or giving them alcohol because the parent believes the child will be an alcoholic. These kids need to be left in their God given bodies until they reach the legal age of consent.

Terry Harper State Republican Committee Chairman for Senate District 21

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