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From the Right 09 Jan 2022

Just last week a majority of Americans were shocked to hear President Biden and VP Harris compare the mostly peaceful January 6, 2021 partial Capitol siege to December 7, 1941 attack where 2403 Americans lost their lives and the September 11, 2001 attack where 2996 initially lost their lives followed buy another 1140 due to medical complications.

Liberal talking heads and a group of very misinformed Democrat Elected Officials claimed initially that 10 lives were lost on January 6th when the facts reveal that only three died that day, all Trump supporters. Two died from coronary issues and one from a gunshot by Capitol police. In the following hours after the event, once police officer died from two strokes while resting in his office according to the medical examiners. Four other officers involved in the event died over the next month, all four deaths were ruled as suicide.

Roger L Simons, a writer for The Epoch Times reporting on the one year anniversary said,” Some group of people had encouraged an inherently non-violent movement-I was always amazed at how polite the “Deplorables” were-to cross the line.” Simons also said,” who had not seen the myriad of violent explosions in Portland and elsewhere? Who did not find it inexplicable that the government, state and federal, almost never did anything about those that torched buildings or beat people.” Simons followed up with saying, ”the nauseating absurdities from Biden and Harris make a mockery of 9-11 and Pearl Harbor.

You don't win a Pulitzer these days for telling the truth.” In a report from Jenna Stocker, reporting for Newsweek on January 7, 2022 reflected on the summer of 2020 when thousands of businesses were looted, damaged or burned to the ground during the BLM protest. We were reading stories of business owners pleading with rioters to spare their livelihoods, many of those businesses were owned by lower income people of color, often uninsured. There was no law, only disorder. To hear the media tell it, there were no rioters, no Molotov Cocktails but simply demonstrators and peaceful protesters. The collateral damage to businesses and lives were cast as a pittance compared to the National discussion on race relations. After more than $2 Billion in damages the top concern of Democrats is One Day in January 2021. The real threat to Democracy is not a minor protest at the House of our government but the civil disobedience overlooked by elected liberals during the summer protest.

Keeping the January 6, 2021 event in the news masks real issues like the 40 plus pounds of Fentanyl

captured last month crossing our Southern border while immigration authorities are overwhelmed

processing the thousands invited to illegally enter our country by the current President and his

Administration. The CDC reports that 79,000 Americans died from Fentanyl in 2020 and that deaths now exceed 100,000 annually. Fentanyl is now the #1 cause of death for those between 18 and 45.

To end, I would like to share a little violence at the Capitol history; in 1814 the British burned the

Capitol; May 22, 1856 Preston Brooks attacks and beats Senator Charles Sumner on the Senate floor; In 1858, 30 Congressmen engaged in a fist fight on the House floor; February 13,1861 hundreds of anti- Lincoln protesters stormed the Capitol to protest the electoral vote count; July 2, 1915 a Harvard professor planted dynamite in the Capitol, then traveled to New York and shot J.P Morgan; March 1, 1954 four Puerto Ricans Americans shot five Congressmen in the House Chambers; March 1, 1971 a bomb explodes in the Capitol planted by the Weather Underground; November 7,1983 a bomb is detonated in the Capitol by the Armed Resistance Unit; July 24, 1998 a fatal shooting of two Capitol police on the Capitol grounds.

January 6, 2021 was not the first attack on the Capitol and not the most violent. Yale History Professor Joanne B Freeman has identified more than 70 violent events during the history of the US Capitol. Don't let the Democrat lies and hype distract you from the real issues.

Terry Harper, State Republican Executive Committee Chairman for Senate District 21

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