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From the Right 01-16-2022

A recent trip to my local grocery store proved the weekly claims made by my wife. Indeed, she was right, the shelves are growing ever more empty. Equally empty are the parts houses, the car lots and any other place that sells consumer goods.

The President chose to blame it on the supply line, on ships sitting off shore. To remedy the problem, he moved the container ships further off the coast, out of sight, out of mind. Never thinking that mothers of children are still concerned about the feeding of their families and the cost of the food. Supply and demand raised it's ugly head, supply is short, demand is high, prices continue to rise. Inflation has reached a 40 year high.

Much of the problem has been government lock downs. Closing the doors on so called non-essential jobs,

workers with no work, businesses with no employees, locking down schools requiring a parent to stay home, again reducing the work force and reducing production, followed by dumping billions of dollars into a non-producing society in a failed attempt to keep our economy afloat.

After a year of total economic failure due to poor decisions, unpopular and un-necessary mandates based on lies and non-science, America and the world is on it's knees. After a year of bad management by government agencies and un-elected bureaucrats, Americans are speaking up, “Enough is Enough”.

To find the solution we must first find the cause. The cause is not a single item but a long string of bad government actions, decisions, restrictions and regulations.

For years our government has forced American business to close or leave our shores mostly due to government feel-good actions. We are forced to increase minimum wages so companies look overseas for cheaper labor. We face overbearing government regulations so business looks to where those regulations don't exist. Government fines and taxes companies for unobtainable pollution regulations so again, companies pack up and move away. Companies are sued by government and private citizens to the point of bankruptcy, so again they move to foreign shores free of our legal lawsuit insanity.

With industries leaving our shores, we become dependent on countries that allow our intellectual property to be stolen, we depend on products made with slave or slave like labor, products made with inferior or even hazardous materials. We are now content to have all our needs met by and shipped from countries like China, India, Malaysia, South and Central America all while citizens of those countries place themselves in harms way to sneak into our country, the country that has helped cause many of their own countries social ills.

At one time, America was the greatest industrial nation on the earth. Almost every great invention came from within our shores, people from all corners of the world came to share in the great industrial revolution. Today, they come not only for freedom but for the great American government handout. Americans should never be dependent on foreign nations for our necessities. Many of the worlds super powers are not our friends and can not be trusted to forever meet our needs. Knowing that at any moment they could pull the plug should raise a huge red flag and send shivers up our spines. America has the manpower, the knowledge, the natural resources and the ability to be self sufficient. We have the ability to produce every consumable product needed from groceries, to energy, to fashion, to construction materials and to manufacturing methods.

We must get government and bureaucrats out of the American economy, our food should be grown on our own soil and processed in our own plants. We should produce our own raw materials, fuels, metals, machinery, electronics, trucks and cars. America would be prosperous and we would never again be looking at a ship loaded with containers full of items we should be producing ourselves.

Vote for Capitalism, vote for Conservatism, vote for Constitutionalism, vote Republican.

Terry Harper, State Republican Executive Committee Chairman for Senate District 21

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