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FOR FREE !!! From the Right (by Terry Harper)

I often cringe when I hear the words 'For Free'. Merriam Webster's Dictionary lists about a dozen uses of the word Free and even dozens more sub-uses. Typically, most will agree the word Free should be used as an adjective, verb or adverb.

Some of Webster's uses include; not costing or charging anything; having legal rights as a citizen; having no trade restriction; not bound, confined or detained; having no obligation; not obstructed, restricted or impeded; not fastened; separate or free standing and without charge. The term 'for free' is usually defined as offered for nothing, for no charge or offered without cost.

Webster's asks the question, Can Something Be “For Free?' ”And responds to the question with, ”The word FREE is often encountered on the heels of the word FOR, and this combination sets some people's teeth on edge. The main objection to the phrase FOR FREE is that, in this instance, FREE functions as an adverb rather than a noun and therefore should not be in the intimate company of the preposition FOR. Following this line of reasoning, a more correct phrasing would be to say that something is offered for nothing, for no charge or some other combination of preposition and noun. Despite its adoption in the mid 20th century, FOR FREE is in widespread use and is generally accepted in standard speech.

My objection to the use of the words FOR FREE is not so much grammatical but rather its untrue meaning especially when associated with something paid for by taxes that were taken and given without consent of the taxpayer. Some examples would be School Breakfast for free, School Lunch for free, School supplies for free, before and after School Care for free, Free food, healthcare and housing. My issue is not that it is given for no charge but rather the implication that it is given without cost. All the Free Stuff is paid for by someone, it all has/had value and cost at some point. I so wish that the word Free would be replaced with the words Taxpayer Provided, anything less is being lied to and offers up possible confusion especially to the recipient of the Free Stuff.

On a more political subject, the AWOL Democrats finally decided to return to work in the final week and a half of the second special session. It is estimated that their paid time off cost Texas taxpayers $1.5 million. This past week, the election integrity bills they delayed were passed in the House and Senate with a number of amendments and will be going to resolution in the early part of this week with Republicans getting all they expected none of which will make voting harder but rather making voting uniform across the state and more difficult to cheat. It is hoped that there will be civil penalties allowing citizens to file lawsuits concerning election fraud.

Also up for vote is House Resolution 72 which would allow any House members to make a motion, passable with a simple majority vote, to remove absent members from their roles as chairs or vice chairs of any standing procedural committee for any of the following reasons:

1. The member is absent without leave for more than 7 consecutive days during any regular session.

2. The member is absent without leave for more than 3 consecutive days during any special session.

3. The member was absent without leave for more than 14 days with the intent to cause a lack of quorum during the past 6 months. The motion made must recognize the member making the motion. The motion may be made without a quorum. Failure to appear within 48 hours of a house call will reset their seniority to zero years and zero days revoking office, desk and parking privileges regardless of time served in the House. Failing to appear within 72 hours of a House call removes them from all Chair and Vice-Chair Committee memberships.

If you believe Democrats should be punished for failing to perform their duties and costing taxpayers Millions of Dollars, Please call your house members office and ask them to support HR72. If you live in Guadalupe County, your Representative can be reached at 512-463-0602. Also please contact House Administrative Chairman Metcalf at 512-463-0726 and ask him to schedule a committee hearing on HJ72.

We cannot allow Democrats to obstruct important legislation and your phone calls will help ensure a clear message is sent to punish those that receive a taxpayer funded check but fail to show up for work.

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