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DIMEFIL: Ukraine & Russia

I've been wondering how long it would take the War Hawks to raise their heads again. Despite all the claims, much to the chagrin of many, Pres Trump did not get us into a new war. Cue up the “here, hold my beer” comment from the Biden Administration.

First let's cover what the acronym DIMEFIL stands for in relation to National Power. It stands for Diplomatic, Information, Military, Economic, Financial, Intelligence and Law Enforcement elements of National Power.

Additionally, here are two words everyone needs to add to their vocabulary: irredentism & revanchism, when discussing disputes between countries.

- Irredentism – policy of advocating the restoration to a country and territory formerly belonging to it.

- Revanchism – a policy seeking to retaliate, recover lost territory.

Most of the talking heads on both sides of the political aisle are yelling: It's in our interest, we must protect democracy. What they can't adequately explain when questioned/scrutinized are:

- Why is it in America's interest?

- Why is our democracy at stake?

- How this impacts NATO? Ukraine is not currently a NATO country.

Now I'm not oblivious to the fact that EUROPE is highly dependent on Russian oil and gas. Call me crazy but perhaps that idea of energy independence isn't a bad thing after all. We, the current administration, approved the Nord Stream 2 (NS2) pipeline which delivery natural gas to Germany. Quick aside – meanwhile the administration has been putting the nail in the coffin of the Keystone pipeline.

On this side of the ocean, most Americans are unaware of Donetsk and Luhansk, both self proclaimed pro-Russian Republics within Ukraine. When Crimea was the news of the day during the last Russia & Ukraine spat a little research would've brought to your attention some of these other disputed areas.

So let me tie in my opening terms DIMEFIL, “irredentism” and “revanchism” with a pretty bow for you. Perhaps Russia is exercising DIMEFIL to gain leverage over Ukraine. Recall it was an economic collapse the caused the dissolution of Soviet Union. Ukraine gained its independence in 1991

Economically Russia is back; it's now exercising its financial muscle as well as showing it's military teeth. Whether we agree or disagree, Russia want a buffer between it and the west (NATO) and Ukraine is fitting that bill

What I see as an affronts to Democracy are the inaction on our southern border as well as the Americans still stuck in the Afghanistan whom the “news cycle” has forgotten. Recently released Senate report states that as many as 9000 American citizens were left stranded in Afghanistan.

Ferrando Heyward, Precinct 411 Chair

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I am hardly a War Hawk firmly believing only a fool wants war. I also believe, however, only a fool does not fight one being thrust upon them. Now, is this thrust upon us? I believe if Trump were president there would be no problem. It took very little time for North Korea, for instance, to restart firing missiles. Why? Because now the weakness in D.C., Similar to Dalalier's spinelessness, leads despots to believe it is "open season." Standing as men, now, is in our best interests. Standing, as men, is always in our best interests. Wishing a "cordon sanitaire" is nice for Stalin- it was his argument- but those who are forced to be the under the thum…

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