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Biden's Impact: What you need to know

Excerpt from RNC National Committeewoman's mailer

*The full RNC Pundit Prep will be posted on my website.

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War In Ukraine

We are praying for the people of Ukraine – the toll of Putin’s war on innocent Ukrainian civilians is heartbreaking. Biden has spent his entire presidency emboldening Russia and Putin – Biden's weakness created his latest foreign policy disaster.

What you need to know:

- Biden promised to keep Putin in check. He failed.

Even former Obama official Ben Rhodes admitted President Biden’s Putin strategy isn’t working.

- Biden’s weakness and ineptitude has been on full display during the first year of his presidency.

- As Putin escalated tensions at the Ukrainian border, Biden weakly tried to appease him with “any accommodation” to avoid a full-blown territorial grab.

-Thanks to Biden’s gas hike, prices at the pump are continuing to surge, reaching all-time highs.

- Our adversaries understand Biden is a weak leader. In just one year, Biden has:

- Emboldened ISIS-K and Al Qaeda with a botched Afghanistan withdrawal, handing radical Islamist terrorists a safe haven and billions of dollars worth of weapons.

- Failed to secure the release of detained Americans Paul Whelan and Trevor Reed and failed to get Putin to agree to curtail his military aggression toward Ukraine.

- Appeased China, including failing to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for COVID-19 and failing to deter Chinese cyber-attacks.

- Biden claimed he would be tough on Russia, but he lied.

The bottom line:

During his campaign, Biden sold himself as a foreign policy expert – but the truth is he has always been a foreign policy disaster. Obama’s Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, said Biden "has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades." As the world is seeing now, Gates was right.

Biden’s Price Hike Rages On

As a consequence of Biden’s reckless policies, families and businesses across the nation are facing record price hikes for the goods they need. At the gas pump, grocery store, and nearly everywhere else, Americans’ finances are stretched thin.

What you need to know:

- According to new data from the Labor Department, producer prices spiked 10% from February 2021 – the highest annual spike on record.

- February’s Consumer Price Index surged by 7.9% compared to last year – exceeding economists’ expectations and reaching a new 40-year high.

- Biden’s gas hike is creating pain at the pump for all Americans.

Biden will blame everyone but himself for these massive Bidenflation numbers, but Americans know the truth: Biden owns this crisis and is responsible for hardworking Americans having less money in their pockets.

- Biden and Congressional Democrats are to blame for this historic spike in inflation.

- After months of misleading claims and obfuscation, Biden’s ever-changing excuses on Bidenflation ring hollow.

The bottom line:

It’s clear – our nation would be stronger, and Americans would be more prosperous, if not for Joe Biden and his reckless, failed agenda. Voters will hold Democrats accountable in November for the destruction their policies have caused.

The Worst February At The Border In 22 Years

Joe Biden has created the worst border crisis in DHS history – and it’s only getting worse. It’s getting clearer by the day that Biden doesn’t care about the humanitarian and national security damages his policies are causing.

What you need to know:

- In February, 164,973 illegal immigrants were apprehended attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, making this the highest total for February in 22 years.

- More than two million illegal immigrants have been caught attempting to cross the border since Biden took office.

- Even Biden’s DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently admitted the situation at the border is, “worse now than it, frankly, has been in at least 20 years, if not ever.”

- Illicit drugs are flowing into the country at an alarming rate, with 634 pounds of deadly fentanyl and 12,500 pounds of methamphetamine seized at the southern border in February alone.

- As the number of illegal immigrants apprehended continues to reach new historic levels, crime is surging thanks to Biden’s open border policies.

- Biden’s failed policies created the crisis at the southern border.

Biden has not been to the border as president to see the crisis for himself, and other than a brief drive-by, there is still no record that Biden has ever visited the border.

The bottom line:

Americans are fed up with this immigration crisis, giving him only a 32% approval rating for his handling of immigration – they’ll hold him and the Democrat party accountable in November.

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