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Are you vested in “ideals” you claim?

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

How vested are you in “ideals” you claim? This may seem like a ludicrous question but before you dismiss it outright, allow me to have you think on some supporting questions that may enhance your self reflection:

  • Do you contribute either money or sweat equity towards those ideals?

  • How often do you positively promote those ideals within your sphere of influence?

  • Are you “actively” attached to any organization that promotes those ideals?

  • Given a choice between two opportunities which would you choose and why?

Republican Party: Often people tell me that they believe in most of the same principles but they don't agree with ALL. Newsflash, my spouse and I don't agree one hundred percent. Yet, we continue to work together on the things that we agree on and move forward together. There are three hundred thirty seven principles listed in the 2020 Texas GOP Platform, What's the odds that every “Texas Republican” agrees with all of them? If you have ever gone to the State Convention and watched the process of adopting one, your response would be a booming ZERO. However, when the question is changed to the 9 Legislative Priorities, the answer moves closer to ninety-five percent (hey, I'm being a realist). In case you've forgotten the “2020 Priorities” here's a site link to them

Why my probing question and what's the catalyst for this piece?

I'm not seeing peoples' actions match up with their words. Meetings and events should be full of participants - family and work schedules permitting. I've wondered if outside of the County Executive Committee if we need to adopt a Republican Club format and charge monthly dues. November 2021, voter participation level was less than twelve percent. Nothing important was on the ticket right? No nothing important if you consider Constitutional Amendments, School /Utility Board, Mayors and City Council as UNIMPORTANT.

We are in Primary season! If your candidate isn't on the General Ballot, you should ask what part did you play – better to say, what part didn't you play to help their chance in the Primary Season.

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James Ritter
James Ritter
Dec 06, 2021

I agree.

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