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02-06-2022 From the Right Liberalism

Liberalism.....Liberal politicians, Liberal laws, Liberal courts, Liberal prosecutors and Liberal judges.

Where has all this liberalism taken us?

We have a President that is mostly incoherent, He has a son that made no less than $10 million on daddy's name in Russia & China; sells crumby art for absurd prices to other liberals, loves to photograph himself in sleazy situations while appearing to be stoned out of his gourd. We have an entire left coast that largely prefers to live in homeless tent cities with little or no sanitation facilities, shrinking law enforcement which has been defunded and unsupported into oblivion, prosecutors and judges who have created a new cottage industry called Smash and Grab, storefronts that are closing because the theft losses outweigh the sales, chain stores who are closing the doors because shoplifting events have now become events that reoccur every ten minutes. Included in the Left Coast misery are down towns that where taken-over by gangs and thugs under the guise of peaceful protest and retaliation for mostly poor choices made by the liberal left. An additional benefit of the Liberalism is taxation beyond reason to support those that refuse to work, the lawless who choose to take from others and the burden of the hordes who either work for government or depend on government, not producing any commodity to contribute to society.

The Northern third of the East Coast does not fare much better. The once beautiful and magnificent industrialized cites have become slums where nightly murders are blamed on inanimate firearms while those that pull the triggers walk free again due to Liberalism at it's finest. The elected legislators, judges and prosecutors look the other way as they commute to their private communities and private security. Those liberals with influence and finance have fled to areas like Martha's Vineyard where they segregate themselves from the lower classes where the liberal infection runs a muck.

Even in the upper Midwest, cities like Chicago and Detroit continue to decline while crime and lawlessness sets new daily records, These areas once known for manufacturing and industry seem to only produce crime, addiction to government services and increased liberalism. What do all these areas have in common? The most common denominator is they are all run and controlled by Liberalism and elected Liberals. Have the Liberals found solutions? Have the Liberals reigned in the crime? Have the Liberals brought back prosperity? The answer is NO on all fronts. More government is never the answer and liberal government is always the problem and never the solution.

Even in the Midwest and South we feel the ill effects of Liberalism. Liberalism from the highest level and supported often by local liberal leaders has brought us an open Southern border. A border now so porous that foreign criminals easily evade our limited legal resources, they use up local surplus resources, like locust they consume everything in their path. Local governments are stretched thin but often refuse to admit that the cause is liberal leadership in Washington and at the local level.

Drugs are smuggled at a record pace, vehicle theft for transporting illegals are at record numbers as are law enforcement pursuits. To make matters worse and to cover their tracks, our liberal leaders sneak plane loads of illegals into the interior in the dead of night. The liberals are now on a mission of indoctrinating the American Youth through the government schools system, calling parents who would dare question the liberal activities as terrorist.

It is time to wake up. When will we reach the point of no return? If you won't stand up, who will? Who will you blame when the store shelves are empty, when the gas lines get long, when the government is your only source and your ability to fight has been surrendered or taken away. Bad government will be our demise. Liberalism has not and does not work.

The ball is in your court. Will you vote for Liberty, Independence and Prosperity or will you fight for a place in the bread line?

Terry Harper, State Republican Executive Committee Chairman for Senate District 21

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