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Guadalupe County Republican Party

The position of Precinct Chair is critical to the success of the Republican Party up and down the ballot. Below is some important information on how you can apply to serve your voting precinct:


The Republican party relies on enthusiastic individuals like you to get out the vote for our candidates. Below is what the position entails. If it seems difficult or daunting, don't worry -- we provide free and friendly training. No experience or college degree necessary. 

  • Attend executive committee meetings. This is an important responsibility, as we must have a quorum of members to conduct official business. The Executive Committee is made up of all Precinct Chair, who steer the agenda of the Guadalupe County Republican Party. This is where the action starts.

  • Activate your precinct. This is accomplished by identifying the active voters in your neighborhood and blockwalking. Nothing beats a boots-on-the-ground effort to get out the vote for your favorite candidates. Free exercise and socializing -- you really can't beat it!

  • Staff your precinct's polling place on election day. You may recruit friends and neighbors to work the election so that we have local residents ensuring honesty and good service at the ballot box.   

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