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Guadalupe County Republican Party

2023 Legislative Session

Action Alert 1:

Please  flood the lines of Rep. John Kuempel (512) 463-0602 and tell his staff  you don’t want Democrats as committee  chairs.  Also call Speaker Phelan (512) 463-1000 and tell his staff the same, No Democrats as committee chairs.





Action Alert 37:

There is a set of bills called the "Protect Our Children Act" that will be voted on in the US Congress within the next 6-24 hours. I need you to ACT! (No this is not an appeal for money!)

I need ALL of you to contact your Congressman and tell them to fight back on this! I need you to do it RIGHT NOW! Here's the link to find your Congressman:

The Gun Control crowd, and possibly some Republicans are considering laws to:

·     BAN any gun without a serial number (so hobbyists who build their own guns will have an issue)

·     BAN the sale of semi-auto rifles to anyone between the ages of 18 to 21 -- because you can vote and fight and die for your country, but you can't have THIS constitutional right! This is something that is being fought on Constitutional grounds; they want to pass a law about it without changing the Constitution.

·     RESTRICT all magazines to 10 rounds or less. That's going NEVER going to stop bad people who do bad things. I should point out that in Maryland they passed a similar law and I can sum up the outcome in two words: Baltimore City! If you're not aware, they still have rampant violence to this day. It solved NOTHING! Bottom line? If you are defending your family and your home, likely you'll want that option to have a magazine that holds 12 or more rounds. Who knows what you might be facing?

·     MANDATE how you store your guns in YOUR home. Talk about government over-reach!

·     BAN the gifting of guns, except to certain family members. So, if you decide that your hunting partner or best friend really admires a firearm you don't need or use anymore, (and they are legally able own/possess it), you cannot just give it to them!

And while you are contacting your congressman/woman, please tell them that you oppose any Red Flag laws; it didn't stop the massacre in Buffalo and it lacks due process. Due process is one of the many reasons our ancestors left their country to come here. The right to face your accuser is a Constitutional issue and current iterations of this have you being tried in a court of law WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE!.

Please, won't you act NOW and let your Congressperson know how you feel?

Thank you all very much!
Andi Turner
TSRA, Legislative Director

Action Alert 36:
Gov did his part Now, our work begins on getting A COMPREHENSIVE BAN ON  VACCINE MANDATES passed through the Texas Legislature  Mandate & EOs can be easily overturned


Governor Abbott heard the desperate outcry of the people of Texas and passed an executive order banning vaccine mandates by ANY entity!! He also added the issue to the call for the third special session. A HUGE THANK YOU goes to Governor Abbott for this!!!

WE NEED YOUR HELP to call/email Speaker Dade Phelan and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and ask them to support and push this legislation through committee ASAP!! We only have 7 days until the third special session ends. They must ACT NOW!

Yes these are "Private businesses" However, the Federal Govt using the power of Dept of Labor, contracts & other means to due it's bidding by punishing business is COERCION

Contact Speaker Phelan and Lt Gov Dan Patrick. Tell them that you want a COMPREHENSIVE BAN ON VACCINE MANDATES PASSED before the end of the third special session!

Call Speaker Dade Phelan

(512) 463-1000 (Austin)

(409) 745-2777 (District office)

Email Speaker Phelan:

Call Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

(512) 463-0001 (Office line)

(512) 463-5342 (Message line)

Email Lt Gov Patrick:

Here is the link to the EO:

Alert 12 (02Sep 2021)

ACTION ITEM ACTION ITEM !!! Please call your Representative and tell him or her to vote NO on SB 9! (Terry Harper)
Conservative Friends, We need your help ASAP. Please call your Texas Legislative Representatives and tell them NO to Senate Bill 9. SB 9 is a Dem priority bill advocating for teaching public school kids about dating and domestic violence. We all agree this violence is a bad thing but kids should be taught about this from parents. 
Why are we continuing to take precious time away from academics and focus on attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors?
Because there is an agenda to steer children to a progressive, Marist mindset. Please don’t be gullible and think this is a bipartisan issue... there is not one when it comes to education. The left ALWAYS has an ulterior motive!
Please call your Representative and tell him or her to vote NO on SB 9! Please share this post.

Alert 11 (30Aug 2021)

Chairman Rinaldi, and the Texas Freedom Caucus, are rallying support behind H.R. 72, which punishes members who ignored a call of the house and imposes harsh penalties against members who break quorum in the future.

Press Conference on Monday, August 30, at 12:30 PM in the House press conference room, located immediately outside the House chamber.

Click here for the full text of HR 72. (

Here’s what the resolution does:
Allows members to make a motion, passable with a simple majority vote, to remove absent members from their roles as chairs or vice-chairs of any standing or procedural committee for any of the following reasons:
- The member is absent without leave for more than 7 cumulative days during any regular session;
- The member is absent without leave for more than 3 cumulative days during any special session;
- The member was absent without leave for more than 14 cumulative days, with the

The purpose of tomorrow’s press conference is to rally support behind this rule change.

Action items
Make a phone call to your State Representative with these 2 requests:

1. Urge House Administrations Chairman Metcalf to schedule a hearing for HR72
2. Urge your State Representative to support HR72

Any encouragement you can give to any member to support HR 72 is very much appreciated and helps us get toward the goal.

If you’re unable to be in Austin, you’ll be able to tune into the press conference by clicking here at 12:30 PM tomorrow:

Alert 10 (25Aug 2021)

The House is meeting for debate and a vote on SB 1 TOMORROW and our Republican leaders need YOUR SUPPORT! We are asking that you meet us on the Texas Capital grounds TOMORROW morning at 9:00 a.m. The House will be meeting promptly at 10:00 a.m.

They will not be hearing any testimony, but we would like show our strength in numbers by being present and wearing our "One Person, One Vote" shirts! You know the left is going to be there in force. The professional protestors and organizers are good at turning out their side. We can't let our Representatives hear only one side. House members need to hear from YOU and any Texan who cares about the integrity of our elections. 

Alert 9 (09 Aug 2021)

Help us secure Election Integrity in Texas. Senator Donna Campbell serves on the Senate State Affairs Committee which is meeting tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. to discuss SB1 - Elections Integrity Bill. There is a flaw in the SB1 bill that would allow vote tabulation equipment to have internet connectivity capability until January 1, 2024. This is unacceptable. We need the date changed to January 1, 2022. Please contact Senator Campbell and let her know your concerns and ask her to change the date to secure upcoming elections including the Primaries and General Election in 2022.

Senator Donna Campbell - 512-463-0125

Senate State Affairs Committee 512-463-038

Alert 8 (30 May 2021)
If the conference committee report on HB1987 by Republican Cody Vasut is voted on favorably tonight by the House; it will allow DEMOCRATS TO VOTE FOR OUR SREC! WE NEED YOU TO call AS MANY R'S and ask them NOT to concur with the conference committee report!

Alert 7 (24 May 2021)


Last night on the floor of the House, Speaker Phelan clarified that the House can continue hearing Senate bill sup until 72 hours before the end of session on May 31. Additionally, he moved SB 1311 to the Public Health Committee!!

This is fantastic news as the Honorable Chair Stephanie Klick indicated last week that she would move this bill immediately to the Calendars Committee as soon as she received it in Public Health.

We have time now to get it to Calendars, where we must request it be placed on the Major Calendar!


1. Email or call Chair Klick's office and thank her again for her commitment to getting this bill out of her committee immediately.

Rep. Klick: 512-463-0599

2.Email or call Honorable Chair Burrows office and other Calendar Committee Chairs and request they put the bill on the Major Calendar as soon as it's received.

Rep. Burrows: 512-463-0542

Rep. Tom Craddick 512-463-0500

Rep. Shelby Slawson 512-463-0628

Rep. Jared Patterson 512-463-0694

Rep. Jacey Jetton 512-463-0710

Rep. Cody Harris 512-463-0730

Rep. Ben Leman. 512-463-0600

3. Continue to call the Governor and tell him we must protect children in Texas from the medical butchers and mutilators!

Gov. Greg Abbott: 512-463-2000

Please pray we get this legislation through this week!

Thank you for all your efforts.

Alert 6 (May 2021)

1. Call the Speaker at 512-464-1000 and tell him we still want him to push through HB 1311 to protect Texas children, and that we want robust Election Reform, Constitutional Carry, Monument Protection, and a Ban on Tax Payer Funded Lobbying.

2. Please call the Governor at 512-463-2000 and tell him the same.

3. Call your Representative and Senator and let them know what your priorities are.

Alert 5 (Apr  2021)
The next step for #ConstitutionalCarry is to call Lt Governor Dan Patrick's office and ask that they hear and pass #HB1927 & SJR23 ASAP! We want to see where our elected officials stand.  No hiding;  If they ran on 2A, now is there chance to prove it. (512) 463-0001 and call your State Rep too. Find their number here:

Alert 4 (Mar 2021)
Does supporting Pres Trump count as cancel culture & merit you being fired from your job? What say you Texans? If your answer is no, then support the cause because that's what happened.
PATRIOT RALLY & Ceh Famil Fundraiser March 6th, 2021 2pm – 7pm

$5 Entry Fee (to pay band & staff), $15 plate for BBQ (proceeds to the Ceh Family)

RIVER ROAD ICE HOUSE  1791 Hueco Springs Loop Rd; New Braunfels, TX (830) 626-1335   Live music by Mike Donnell!
All BBQ proceeds & donations go to the Ceh Family.

If you cannot attend, please donate to:GIVESENDGO.COM – CEH Family Fundraiser!


Alert 3 (Feb 2021)

Reach out to your legislators re: the following issues

1. Contact Speaker Phelan and ask him to assign our bills  to committees.


2. Contact Lt. Gov. Patrick and tell him to our RPT Legislative Priorities prioritize in the Senate.


3. Contact your representative and tell him or her not to support HB3, and to support our Legislative Priority bills (listed above) reigning in executive overreach. If you don't know who represents you, look here.

Here is the list of bills that were mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we are supporting for each priority:
· Election Integrity: HB 329, HB 335, HB 574, SB 155, HB 1368
· Religious Freedom: HB 525, HB 1218, HB 1239, HB 1291, HJR 1, SB 251
· Child and Gender Modification: HB 68
· Abolition of Abortion: SJR 25, SB 391, HB 1280
· Constitutional Carry: HB 1238
· Monuments: HB 446, HB 1079

Here are new bills that have been added:
Child and Gender Modification: HB 1399
Religious Freedom: SB 573
Abolition of Abortion: HB1623, HJR 80


Thank you for engaging and fighting for our state! While, individually, it seems overwhelming, if we all work together we can hold back the flood. Remember you can find our complete list of resources on the Republican Party of Texas website, and if you need a speaker on our Legislative Priorities for your club or meeting, our SRECs are available.


Alert 2 (Jan 2021)

Reach out to your legislators re: the following issues

- Republican Legislative Priorities

- Democrats Chairing key committees

- (for you) follow the money $$ this link gets you to a directory of all legislators followed by name of legislator will take you to their respective page were you can follow the money



Let's pro-actively reach out to Speaker Phelan and tactfully let him know that we worked hard for and elected Republicans to carry forth our Legislative Priorities. We are not against working with Democrats in our Republic form of government, since they represent citizens as well. However, our expectation is that key committees and those in line with our highly debated and voted upon (statewide) Legislative Priorities should be chaired by a Republican. Then, we need to follow the money. Scrutinize which bills go to which committee, who chairs the committee and what is the legislators source of funding associated with the bills before the committee. Detailed/tough work? Yes However, the money trail never lies. In 2020, we're not going to get bitter. We're going to get better at doing our due diligence and holding elected officials accountable.

 Alert 1 (Jan 2021)


87th Legislature is in session.  Redistricting is up. Ask your Senator & Representative to redistrict SBOE 5.

Dear Representative ____

As you meet in the 87th session of the Texas legislature, I respectfully ask that you would prioritize the redistricting of the State Board of Education district 5. This district switched from Republican to Democrat after decades of being a Republican district.  The new Democrat SBOE member is one of the most liberal members of the board, who promotes radical comprehensive sex education, the green new deal and the 1619 project. SBOE district 5 also had the largest number of voters of any SBOE district. There were over 1,000,000 voters!  This district is too large to be represented by only one SBOE member. Please make it a priority to promote the redistricting of SBOE district 5. We must ensure conservative policies remain in our schools and that we protect our children from political indoctrination and protect the rights of parents!  Thank you for your help.

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